Chicago authorities are preparing for protests after prison release

Chicago officials are preparing to launch a major protest in the city over the release of a prison for former city police officer Jason van Dyck, who was convicted of the murder. Lacan McDonald.. please remember. After being shot 16 times at the local McDonald’s, Lacuan’s death caused public anger. Jason was convicted in 2019 of two murders and a 16-count deteriorating battery with firearms. A former officer has been sentenced to almost seven years in prison, but his release is less than expected.

according to YahooResidents and civil servants are angry that Jason was released from prison this morning after serving half his six-year and nine-month sentence. Yesterday, Chicago police and city officials met with a business leader for a security briefing. At the meeting, Mayor Lori Lightfoot tried to calm the fear in a statement released Thursday morning.

“I understand why this continues to feel like a false charge, especially if many black and brown men are sentenced to far more imprisonment for committing far fewer crimes,” Mayor Lightfoot said. Said. “Historically, these distortions in the criminal justice system have made it very difficult to build trust.”

In a statement, Mayor Lightfoot said Jason was the first Chicago police officer to be convicted of a crime committed on the job for more than 50 years. “I know this moment is disappointing, but it shouldn’t prevent us from seeing the significant progress that Van Dyck’s indictment and conviction represent,” she added.

State protesters are reportedly expected to meet at the Federal Plaza in Chicago in hopes of delivering a letter to US lawyer Jon Rauch. The letter will demand a federal civil rights accusation against Jason van Dyck. Roommates, we’ll keep you up to date as more information becomes available.

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Chicago authorities are preparing for protests after prison release

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