Chick-fil-Testing food delivery robots to “strengthen restaurant operations”

We know how much you love food and service at Chick-fil-A And now, companies that are popular with fans are taking steps to ensure that their excellent reputation is not compromised. In a recent announcement, Chick-fil-A confirmed plans to test food delivery robots not only to improve the customer service experience, but also to “strengthen restaurant operations.”

@ 11Alive report, recently press release, Atlanta-based fast food chain Chick-fil-A has announced that it will test new delivery robots at a limited number of restaurants in the food court and three urban states. When California, Florida, and Texas are the first states to test delivery robots and the reaction is positive, Chick-fil-Ai talks about new robot delivery methods that are likely to diverge to other parts of the United States. The robot said, “We will strengthen restaurant operations, reduce shipping costs, and provide consistent and delicious food that guests expect.”

The process works this way and customers can order food via an app similar to the regular Chick-fil-A delivery option. However, if the customer is within a 1 mile radius of the store location, the order will be delivered by one of the following: robot. The customer then receives a text message via the robot informing them that the food has arrived and provides detailed instructions on how to collect it. Chick-fil-A also said that delivery robots are “equipped with artificial intelligence systems and advanced depth-sensing cameras to navigate traffic patterns and pedestrians, and to navigate car and bicycle lanes, crowded malls and sidewalks. You will be able to do it. ” “

If you’re worried about the food getting cold while traveling, all the robots are insulated to keep the food at the ideal temperature. In addition, customers receive updates throughout the process to track the delivery robot’s journey.

Chick-fil-A is not the first company to test robots for delivery services, like companies like Amazon, DoorDash, and Uber Eats.

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Chick-fil-Testing food delivery robots to “strengthen restaurant operations”

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