China plans to complete the space station with the latest mission

In this photo released by Xinhua News Agency, Chinese astronauts Kai Shuze, Chen Dong, and Liu Yang on the left attend a press conference on the mission of Shenzhou 14 at the Kyusen Satellite Launch Center in northwestern China on Saturday. is doing. June 4, 2022. China is preparing to launch a new three-man mission to complete the work of astronauts in permanent orbit, China’s manned space agency said Saturday. Credit: Cai Yang / Xinhua via AP

China is preparing to launch a new three-person mission to complete its work Space station in permanent orbitChina Manned Space Program said on Saturday.

The crew of Shenzhou 14 will spend six months at the Tiangong Space Station. In the meantime, it will oversee the addition of two experimental modules to participate in Tenwa’s main living space launched in April 2021.

Authorities said their spacecraft would explode from the Kyusen Satellite Launch Center on the edge of the Gobi Desert at 10:44 am Sunday (Greenwich Mean Time 0244). The Long March 2 rocket, the flagship of the manned space flight program, will provide propulsion.

Commander Chen Dong and fellow astronauts Liu Yang and Kai Shuze will arrive in July and October to assemble a three-module structure that joins the existing Tianhe with Wentian and Mentian. Another cargo ship, Tianzhou 3, remains docked at the station.

With the introduction of the new module, “more stability, more powerful features and more complete equipment will be provided,” said Chen, 43, who was a member of the Shenzhou 11 mission in 2016.

43-year-old Liu is also a space veteran and was the first female astronaut in China to reach space on the Shenzhou 9 mission in 2012. 46-year-old Kai is on his first space trip.

Chinese Space plan In 2003, it put the first astronaut into orbit and became the third country after the former Soviet Union and the United States.

Last year, we landed a robot rover on the moon and placed it on Mars. China also returned a sample of the moon, and authorities discussed the possibility of a manned mission to the moon.

China’s space program is run by the PLA, the military arm of the ruling Communist Party, and is urging the United States to be excluded from the International Space Station.

Chen, Liu and Cai are the first to have six people on board at the station with the addition of the Shenzhou 15 crew for three to five days at the end of the mission.

Supplies launched on China’s new space station for the next crew

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China plans to complete the space station with the latest mission

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