China’s Carbon Emissions Decline for the First Time Since COVID Blockade: Report

China’s CO2 emissions declined in the third quarter for the first time since resuming the blockade of Covid-19.

China CO2 Emissions have declined for the first time in the third quarter since the country resumed its blockade of COVID-19, a study released Thursday said experts could mark the country’s carbon “turning point.” ..

However, the threat of a slowdown could quickly turn to infrastructure stimulus and increase emissions again, a study from the Energy Clean Air Research Center (CREA) warned.

The world’s second-largest economy has pledged to peak emissions by 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2060, but authorities struggle to separate the country from its dependence on fossil fuels. I am.

China’s emissions dropped dramatically in early 2020 as quarantines aimed at controlling coronavirus were wiped out, and then recovered above monthly levels in 2019 as cities and factories reopened. Did.

However, in the third quarter of this year, the country recorded a 0.5 percent year-on-year decrease in emissions from Fossil fuel Cement — Discovered by CREA analyst Lauri Myllyvirta in the first quarterly fall since the post-blocking rebound.

This decline was due to sluggish construction after Beijing cracked down on speculation and debt in the real estate sector. coal According to Millie Birta, the price has led to the distribution of electricity nationwide.

“Emissions declines could mark a turning point and early peak for China’s total emissions years earlier than the goal of peaking by 2030,” Myllyvirta said in a report.

But he warned, “If the Chinese government introduces more construction stimulus to boost the economy, emissions could recover again before they peak in the second half of the decade.”

Domestic perceptions that the coal crisis was “caused by a surge in coal consumption and price control policies” but due to the shift to cleaner energy could hesitate to strengthen Beijing. Climate goals Myllyvirta added until the coal crisis was completely resolved.

The recent COP26 Climate Summit spotlighted China’s climate change efforts and criticized the world’s largest polluters for not having sufficient ambitions for emission targets.

Communist leaders are also facing domestic pressure to avoid Economic slowdown, Authorities hesitate to identify specific emission reduction measures.

Serious pollution was seen in parts of the northern part of the country after China said earlier this month that it had increased its daily coal production by more than a million tonnes to alleviate energy shortages.

China boosts coal production to mitigate electricity crisis

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China’s Carbon Emissions Decline for the First Time Since COVID Blockade: Report

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