China’s foreign minister steps up threats against Taiwan

Beijing – China’s foreign minister stepped up threats on Friday against the autonomous islands of Taiwansaying that anyone who opposes Beijing’s demands for control of the island is “playing with fire.”

Qin Gang’s remarks Friday came at the end of a speech supporting China’s contribution to the global economy and the interests of developing countries, in which he repeatedly praised the Communist Party General Secretary. Xi Jinping’s Global Security Initiative.

The concept is China’s latest move to position a one-party political system that advocates social stability and economic growth as an alternative to the Western liberal approach that largely defines international relations.

Closing his speech in the financial hub of Shanghai, Mr. Qin turned to what China calls the “Taiwan question,” and that it is more difficult than what Chinese diplomats have usually used in the international arena. used harsh words.

“The defense of national sovereignty and territorial integrity is irreproachable,” Qin said.

“The Taiwan issue lies at the core of China’s core interests,” he said, adding that “we will never back down in the face of any action that undermines China’s sovereignty and security.” Those who play with fire on the Taiwan issue will burn themselves up. ”

Such statements are usually directed at the island’s democratically elected government under President Tsai Ing-wen and its most important ally, the United States. China sees Taiwan as part of its own territory and can annex it by force if necessary.

early April, China conducted large-scale air and sea training in the area around Taiwan in retaliation Meeting between Tsai and U.S. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy California, April 5th. China said the exercise simulating a siege of Taiwan was intended as a “serious warning” to pro-independence politicians on the autonomous island and their foreign supporters.

China has stepped up its military pressure and diplomatic isolation against Taiwan in recent years, sending fighter jets and naval vessels to the island almost daily.

Taiwan maintains official duties, Diplomatic relations with only 13 sovereign countriesmaintains strong relationships with most major countries, including the United States

After former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan in August, China sent more and more warships across the Taiwan Strait midline.

The increasing pace of military activity and increasingly belligerent language have raised concerns about a possible conflict in one of the world’s most economically important regions. Taiwan produces many of the world’s most needed computer chips, and the Taiwan Strait, which separates Taiwan from mainland China, is one of the world’s busiest waterways.

Taiwan will elect a new president and parliament in January, but China is seen as strongly backing the opposition Kuomintang, which supports political unity between the two parties under conditions yet to be defined. Taiwanese and U.S. officials say China uses economic influence and disinformation to bolster its military threats, but most Taiwanese who responded to the survey say they want de facto independence. We support the status quo.

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