Chloe Bailey seems to be reacting to post-performance rebound

Courtroom, mercy! Whether it’s good or bad, you can always expect people online to talk about something. You never know which celebrities spend their days in public opinion courts about what they did or said. Recently Meek Mill, but as of last night, Croy Bailey Another name to add to the list.

After playing her first solo record, “Have Mercy,” on “The Tonight Show,” people online said the singer felt “overkill.” Chloe looked great during the performance. There, she wore an ensemble of white feathers and commanded the stage by lowering and turning. Some have shown Chloe, but I love online, but not everyone has the same feelings.

Someone tweeted. “Can she stop trying to transform her to-work music into some sort of art form? She’s doing too much for such a general achievement. She’s not as versatile as she thinks. “Not only did she say she was overkill, but people compared her to her mentor, Beyonce.

Chloe had time today and seemed to respond to the backlash by tweeting, “Overdoing is my specialty,” with a smiley face emoji with a heart around it. Her fans also came to her defense on Twitter and called on people who made negative comments about her. “I think Chloe Bailey is exactly the same as the artists who generally love what they look like. Many artists are good, but being an artist is, after all, a job. Many people do this for money, as opposed to Chloe, who has a true passion. “

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Chloe Bailey seems to be reacting to post-performance rebound

Source link Chloe Bailey seems to be reacting to post-performance rebound

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