Chlöe talks about Beyonce’s impact on self-confidence

Chloeof Sexual expression without apology It’s still a hot topic, and she outperforms the conversation. The 23-year-old singer talked about her origin Body self-confidence In her January In the know The role played by the digital cover story and past singers. “I can honestly and honestly say it was Beyonce Who looked at my body and said it was okay to have my body. It may be okay to have a plump butt. Maybe it’s okay to have to swing and jump to fit my jeans, “Chloe said. Destiny’s Child’s Women’s Empowerment National Anthem featured Beyonce, Kelly RowlandWhen Michelle Williams and Music video They confidently showed off their backs, so they wore low-rise outfits and bra tops.

The “Have Mercy” singer further said she respects other “incredible females” who have paved the way for sexually-minded black female performers, such as Donna Summer, Kelis, and Nina Simone. I did. “There has never been a time when society was happy with women’s focus on their skin, so I’m all the women who inspired me, my companion I’m talking about now. I have to give praise to everyone, “I love my body. I feel sexy,” she said. know.. Chlöe also said that he considers the word “sexy” to be parallel to self-confidence.

When it comes to sexuality politics, “A man can take off his shirt and sit there, tear or bend his pectoral muscles. It’s sexy. But he’s not ridiculed by what he does. It’s It’s when a woman sticks out her butt, bends her hips in a particular pose, or snaps her lips and puts her breasts in a bra. That’s the problem. “

Chlöe served Some sexy looks in the meantime Performance of her single “Have Mercy” Not only fun Photo shoot shared on her social media..During the December episode of Peace of mind with Taraji “Returning to Social Media Bullying with Chloe Bailey,” she added. Online discourse about her body.. “”[As] As I got older, I learned to really appreciate my curve. .. .. Whenever I take a photo, I say, “No, don’t airbrush the stretch marks.” “Because I like them,” Chloée said. She is real and we love it.

Chlöe talks about Beyonce’s impact on self-confidence

Source link Chlöe talks about Beyonce’s impact on self-confidence

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