Chrissy Teigen unveils Hooters jersey

Chris Sea Teigen She has been showing off her Hooters uniform since she was young. Check out the videos she shared on her social media accounts below.

“Most all moms and all moms have such a shape, so why do you have all body shaming?” She’s slim and healthy 🙌🏽 Flat Flat stomach! “

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Someone else said: “The hatred this woman receives is ridiculous,” and one other believer said:

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The follower said: “You have a natural body here because you all wanted to regain a natural body. But you’re still” everyone teasing them, “one other commenter said. T: “I love how she is happy and confident in her body! She has to pay to change it, yet she chose to be her. ❤️’

The follower said: “Not everyone wants to perfect their bodies to please yall 🙄” and someone else raised this: ❤️ Come Lemme @fitgirlbod 🎂’

Someone else posted this:’Oh, she put out her Lil’s cheeks !!!! She’s gorgeous! !! !! !! 😍😍’and one other follower said: How is your mother? 😂’

In other recent news, Chris Sea Teigen She is working on her health in 2021. She continues to recover from a catastrophic miscarriage and appears to be in a much better place emotionally and physically.

She looks gorgeous with some new photos of two 35 year old moms shared on a very popular Instagram account. Chrissy and John Legend got married in September 2013, and their marriage is one of Hollywood’s stronger unions.


The two spent a romantic Caribbean vacation during the vacation, each sharing their love on social media with a special Valentine’s Day video.

Chrissy Teigen unveils Hooters jersey

Source link Chrissy Teigen unveils Hooters jersey

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