Christina Aguilera Laf Elsa Track List

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Be prepared to update the hype playlist as it is Christina Aguilera’s first solo Spanish EP. La Fuerza, Is in progress and the track list is full of bad-b * tch energies. While announcing the album’s “First Chapter” on Instagram on Wednesday, Aguilera also shared an image of a cover featuring a shield embossed with a pair of black roses, thorns, and angel wings. ..The less delicate X in the center of the shield is a clear cry to her Xtina Monica, and the cover alone makes us “Faithful, brave, true” The latest era of singers.

When will Christina Aguilera’s Rough Elsa be released?

According to Aguilera’s Instagram, La Fuerza It will be released on January 21st.

Christina Aguilera Laf Elsa Track List

Prior to EP drop Aguilera has released “Pa’Mis Muchachas”. Featuring Becky G, Nicki Nicole, Nati Perso, 2021 “Somo Sunada”. On January 13th, the singer is “Sant” feat. Ozna, taste what you expect from your next album: Heaven’s treble, Sexy poetry, When Aguilera’s boss’s attitude Bleeding from all trucks. Check out the complete track list first and be ready to add all your songs to your workout, preparation and motivational playlists.

  1. “Ya Reghe”
  2. “Pa’Mis Muchachas”
  3. “Somos Nada”
  4. “Sant”
  5. “Komoyo”
  6. “La Reina”

Christina Aguilera Laf Elsa Track List

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