Cinderella St. Peter’s March Madness Run Jersey City Planning Parade

Jersey City, NJ (WABC)-Jersey City is planning a parade to honor the St. Peter’s Men’s Basketball Team after Cinderella Darling Peacock became the first 15th seed to reach the NCAA Tournament’s Elite Eight.

Mayor Stephen Flop said the parade is likely to be on Friday afternoon.

“Of course, we’re going to incorporate the St. Peter’s Campus, and we’ll show the team the key to the city,” he said. “We are proud. We are grateful. We will admit them because they are special to us.”

The team’s March Madness Run ended Sunday, losing 69-49 to North Carolina’s 8th Seed in the East Region Finals.

According to Flop, the interim parade route will be Lincoln Park to the campus, followed by a rally on campus.

“I think the story of Jersey City can be the story of a city where they don’t get the credit they deserve,” he said. “These kids played that way as kids who couldn’t get the credit they deserved. It’s a city story, so when the national media portrays it that way, it’s me. It’s exactly what our history was … we’ll do our best to overcome such things and fight. “

Flop also said he hopes Shaheen Hollowway will leave, especially after the head coach’s position opens at Holloways’ alma mater, Seton Hall.

“I don’t think it’s a secret that he’s leaving,” Flop said. “We’re happy with him. The guy should get paid. He deserves it. If St. Peters can’t pay him what he can do at Seton Hall, he should go to Seton Hall. We thank him for making St. Peters and Jersey City. .. Good luck to him. “

On Sunday, Hollowway pulled his starter off the court because the seconds passed and he didn’t allow them to fall into defeat. Peacocks locked his arm for the final team gathering-Daguedert, KC Ndefo, Darryl Banks III, and the rest of the Bracket Buster on the map of a small commuter college.

Hollowway’s speech was simple. Be proud that the off-campus team shocked the world of basketball up to two weeks ago.

“Some people are memorable because they can tell their children and grandchildren,” Hollowway said.

Fans of St. Peter’s gathered behind America’s new favorite team, despite a runaway score.

St. Peters missed 16 of the first 20 shots and did not lead. By half-time, St. Peters needed Hale Mary. North Carolina 38, St. Peter’s 19.

What Hollowway and Peacocks (21-12) achieved over the two weekends may be a lasting memory of the tournament, no matter which Blue Blood cuts the net in New Orleans next week.

“What we did has brought a lot of publicity to our school,” Banks said. “It only helps the whole school. It has caught the attention of everyone who wants to come here. I think what we have done will affect everyone who knows about the school in the future. increase.”

St. Peters knocked off No. 2 seed Kentucky to start the run, followed by victory over Murray State University No. 7 and Purdue University No. 3.

“St. Peter did it. The era,” Hollowway said. “St. Peters has arrived at the Elite Eight. It’s a great story.”

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Cinderella St. Peter’s March Madness Run Jersey City Planning Parade

Source link Cinderella St. Peter’s March Madness Run Jersey City Planning Parade

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