Cinnecock tribe launches marijuana cultivation facility, this summer’s eye wreck sale

Leaders say the Cinnecock Indian Nation is focusing on the role of the tribe in selling recreational marijuana for future economic development as it embarks on the development of marijuana cultivation facilities in the Southampton settlement in the coming weeks. It was.

Brian Polite, chairman of the newly re-elected tribe, is working on a series of internal regulations to allow the tribe to sell recreational marijuana, although sales can begin as early as September or the end of the year. Said that it can only be started after the entire tribe has voted.

“We’re working on regulation and want to get something by the summer,” Polite said of an internal law that regulates how shops sell their produce. How the Tribal Smoke Shop on the Montauk Highway will be able to sell the program, and if it can be sold, is a “question that tribal members must answer” through voting, he said.

Tribes expect entertainment use regulations that reflect expected state-wide regulations, such as minimum age restrictions, but Polite gives tribes “100% jurisdiction” over pre-order sales. I emphasized that I have.

The federal-recognized Sinnecock Nation is a sovereign government that sets rules through a trustee and committee governing council that conducts full tribal voting on major initiatives. Last year, a milestone happened this summer when the entire tribe resolved to create a new economic zone to house the tribe’s first reserved Class II casino. Marijuana facilities are located in the same zone.

The state of New York legalized the use of recreational marijuana by adults on March 31, but does not authorize facilities to sell for recreation for 18 months. If approved, the tribe will charge recreational sales at the time of booking for use in social programs such as law enforcement and education, Polite said.

Meanwhile, the tribe is working on a plan for medical marijuana that it has been working on for years. Polite had previously waited for access to the patient’s state database, but in the coming weeks the country will embark on a tribal land cultivation facility and shortly thereafter will issue a state-issued medical card that legally permits its use. He said he would start selling to those who own it. It does so under the tribal cannabis company Little Beach Harvest in partnership with the company Connor Green. We are planning a “modern pharmacy” with drive-through options and an adjacent lounge.

Polite said cultivation facilities and medical marijuana pharmacies meet or exceed state standards for securing cannabis facilities.

A State Department spokeswoman did not immediately answer questions about the tribe’s plans or why it was delayed in granting the tribe access to the medical marijuana database. In early 2020, a spokeswoman said the ministry was “still considering a proposal.” The message to Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s spokesman was not immediately returned.

Tribal vice-chairman Randy King said the country “is still working to get a memorandum of understanding with the country,” but will not wait for an agreement before the sale is complete.

King said he “wants to make progress” in marijuana sales after years of delay, partly in connection with COVID-19.

People accused of praising the state’s recent move to legalize the use and sale of marijuana, including clearing records of people charged with certain marijuana possession crimes, according to polite statements. Said to be a disproportionately colored race.

In this week’s tribal elections, in addition to returning Polite as a 181-vote tribal trustee, three others won seats in the main council. Seneca Bowen had 158 votes, German Smith had 140 votes, and Kelly Dennis had 121 votes. We will not face voting in this year’s staggered elections.

Meanwhile, the tribes are hoping for additional federal support from the approximately $ 20 billion pool of funds reserved for the tribal government this year from the stimulus recently passed by the Biden administration. Polite states that tribes can qualify for $ 2.4 million to $ 6 million.

Politely called the administration’s plan “a generational opportunity to improve the country’s infrastructure and create some sustainable programs.”

Cinnecock tribe launches marijuana cultivation facility, this summer’s eye wreck sale

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