Climate change could allow Florida farmers to grow coffee beans

Advances in target plant breeding, coupled with global warming, could enable farmers in Sunshine, Florida to grow coffee, according to a new study that sheds light on the importance of crop selection in agriculture under climate change. There is.

Coffee yields are affected by changes in rainfall patterns around the world, but studies published in the journal AoB plantFound that these effects could be mitigated to some extent by planting more elastic crop or cultivars produced by breeding.

Winters in Florida bring an additional burden of frost that can damage beverage crops, but warmer climates are “almost perfect” for growing coffee, according to researchers including Emily Pappo at the University of Florida, USA. May provide a climate.

In this study, scientists reduced the rainfall received by five coffee cultivars and measured their yields on two harvests in Costa Rica.

They found that the first-generation F1 hybrid varieties, the first cross between two genetically distinct plants, were superior to the other varieties under both reducing and ambient conditions.

Based on research, scientists said that more elastic crop varieties produced by careful breeding could help maintain coffee production in the face of changing climates. ..

“As climate change begins to create warmer days and perhaps less frost, coffee plants may be more likely to thrive in the climate here in Florida,” Pappo explained.

“It opens up many really great opportunities for coffee production in this part of the United States,” she added.

According to scientists, understanding how the roots of plant varieties and the entire crop behave in changing climates is the key to predicting what will happen to coffee production in Florida.

With the help of engineers at the University of Florida, researchers slide a small camera in a clear plastic tube into the soil next to a coffee tree and continue to monitor root growth, causing plants to drought and frost. I understand how it reacts.

“With all this information, we can learn more about the soil and root materials and chemical composition we are imaging,” said Alina Zare, a professor of engineering at the University of Florida. I am.

Researchers hope that this study will one day lead to the processing and roasting of coffee beans in the state.

“Overall, our results show that stress from higher than average rainfall can impair the growth and production of coffee plants, and the choice of cultivar is the feasibility of coffee production and the more general of the world. It shows that it is likely to be an important tool for maintaining the resilience of agroecosystems under climate change, “scientists wrote in a study.

Climate change could allow Florida farmers to grow coffee beans

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