Club Blue shootings continue on Monday after the prosecutor’s unexpected death

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A high-profile murder trial is underway again after the chief prosecutor was found dead at his home over the weekend.

Both the Lee County Sheriff’s Office and the state lawyer said state lawyer Anthony “Tony” Kunasec’s assistant was not killed.

Both sides agree after a weekend question on how the trial of Kierra Russ, one of the first of five suspects in the deadly Club Blu shooting of 2016, will eventually proceed on Monday morning. Reached.

After the court was convened on Monday morning, both the prosecution and the defense said they would like to finish their testimony, send the jury home, and return for closing arguments the next day.

The judge also asked each jury individually a question and discussed whether they had investigated, investigated, or watched the news over the weekend.

After questioning the jury, the trial continued at 10:15 am.

The judge took his legitimate place on the bench, the defendant was in her seat, and so was her lawyer, but the prosecution had lost its chief lawyer. Deployment that cannot be ignored.

“I would like to extend my deepest condolences to Tony Knasek’s family and friends. Mr. Knasek’s death is a devastating loss to the legal community because he was a dear friend and colleague, and he is greatly missed. Probably, “said Judge Nicholas Thompson.

Prosecutor Kunasec was found dead in his house on Saturday. This was a murder trial involving two gang members, and some people immediately wondered how he died. The sheriff answered the question.

“Unfortunately, we worked on a death investigation. There seems to be no cheating in this death investigation. The general public is worried that there is no cheating,” said Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marseno. I haven’t. “

The defense, the prosecution, and the judge have planned to get the Kiera Russ trial on track.

They polled the jury to determine if anyone in the media was paying attention to the case. The trial continued when they were convinced that no one knew of Knasek’s death.

Lance Dunford, a friend and lawyer, said Knasek’s disappearance was a tragedy for the entire southwestern part of Florida.

“Miss Fox, on behalf of the city’s law firm, talks about the number of lives in our community that he personally touched on and what he did to secure our community. I think he made a statement, so his death will certainly leave a hole in our community, “Danford said.

Things went very quickly when the trial resumed. One witness ran before the prosecution filed a proceeding. The defense chose not to provide evidence.

On Tuesday, both sides will provide a closing discussion.

Also waiting for the 2016 Club Blu shooting trial are Tajze Battle, Derrick Church, Don Loggins, and Demetrius O’Neal.

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Club Blue shootings continue on Monday after the prosecutor’s unexpected death

Source link Club Blue shootings continue on Monday after the prosecutor’s unexpected death

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