Colds may kill the coronavirus, studies say

A new study from the University of Glasgow shows that the virus that causes the common cold can expel COVID-19 from the system.

  • According to this study, the viruses compete with each other to infect the host. In this case, the cold rhinovirus can destroy the new coronavirus.
  • “The benefits may be short-lived, but they add that the rhinovirus is very widespread, but it can still help control COVID,” the BBC News reports.

How does it work?

  • The BBC News explains: “Think of the cells in your nose, throat, and lungs like a row of houses. When a virus invades, you can either leave the door open to let other viruses invade, or close the door and leave your new house alone. can do.”

Researchers working at the Glasgow Virus Research Center used airway replicas to track what happened with the rhinovirus, and at the same time released a new coronavirus.

  • Only rhinovirus was effective in infecting replicas.
  • “Sars-CoV-2 never takes off and is significantly blocked by rhinovirus,” Dr. Pablo Murcia told the BBC News. “This is absolutely exciting because if the prevalence of rhinovirus is high, it may be possible to block the new Sars-CoV-2 infection.”

Does a cold protect you from COVID-19?

Studies on whether a cold can stop a coronavirus infection are still unknown.

What’s next

In the release, the researchers said they would look at how rhinoviruses and coronaviruses interact to better understand the infection.

Colds may kill the coronavirus, studies say

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