Colombia sees 200 tonnes of galleon gold

The wreckage of San Jose Galleon, a ship sunk off the coast of Colombia in 1708, can be seen in this handout from the Ministry of Culture of Colombia after it was discovered in 2015.

Colombia took a step on Thursday to regain the long-lost Spanish wreckage and its legendary wealth, but it may be a rough vehicle as Spain and the indigenous Bolivians are also betting on loot. not.

For a long time in the fantasy of treasure hunters around the world, the shipwreck of San Jose Galeon was first discovered off the coast of Colombia in 2015, but remains untouched as the government decides on its recovery rules. increase.

Colombia was a Spanish colony when San Jose sank, and gold from South America as a whole, especially from modern Peru and Bolivia, was stored in its coastal city, the fort of Cartagena, before being returned to Europe. I did.

The Colombian government considers loot a “national treasure” and hopes it will be exhibited in future museums to be built in Cartagena.

Companies and individuals interested in excavating ships will need to sign a “contract” with the state and submit a detailed inventory of what they find and a plan to handle the goods to the government, according to a presidential directive released Thursday. I have.

Super-booty, which experts estimate will contain at least 200 tonnes of gold, silver and emeralds, will be a point of pride in Colombia, Vice President and Supreme Diplomat Martha Lucia Ramirez said in a statement. Stated.

For a long time in the fantasy of treasure hunters around the world, San Jose Galleon was sunk by the Royal Navy off the coast of Cartagena de Indias on the night of June 7, 1708.

San Jose was carrying gold, silver and jewelry that was supposed to be brought to the court of Philip V from the Spanish colony of Latin America at the time.

Of the 600 crew members in San Jose, only a few survived the shipwreck.

At the end of 2015, then-Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos announced the exact location of the shipwreck, as confirmed by the unique bronze cannon of the dolphin-carved ship.

Colombia said it would cost about $ 70 million to carry out a full rescue operation of debris at a depth of 600 to 1000 meters (2000-3200 feet).

Spain says Shipwreck It is itself as a national ship. Qhara Qhara, an indigenous group of Bolivia, says the treasure belongs to them because their ancestors were forced to mine it from what was the world’s largest silver mine in the 1500s.

Experts disclose new details about the shipwreck 300 years ago

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Colombia sees 200 tonnes of galleon gold

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