Commercial cooling tower: imperative details to be aware of devices for heat removal

Why are cooling towers critical for the industrial process?

No industrial process is possible without a well-established system for dissipation and transfer of heat. A cooling tower is a structure that is constructed for removing heat from commercial or industrial facilities by using water. It is a fairly pocket-friendly and steadfast way of expelling heat for most facilities and production objects that are in need of evaporating water in a capable and inexpensive manner. The scope of application of the systems is extremely wide.

Such structures are required wherever industrial water is used in large quantities, including the creation of the needed microclimate parameters in a particular premise and successful and smooth implementation of the technological processes and a set of procedures for production. Moreover, each industrial cooling tower type has its own specifics of the operation, having, for example, different methods of heat transfer or airflow generating.

For example, for ensuring operational stability, a superior and well-constructed fan cooling tower is designed since it allows the most rapid and efficient removal of excess heat and creates ideal working conditions for technological equipment. Open structures are beneficial for industries using large refrigeration systems and equipment and huge volumes of cold water.

The most suitable material for the tower construction

For retarding and preventing detrimental and destructive impacts that can decrease the tower service life, durable and unsusceptible stainless steel or fiberglass are common types of material used for the construction of systems for water cooling. These options are preferable for an industrial cooling tower due to an array of other strong advantages including:

Also, since towers are exposed to harsh environments, it is of paramount importance that the material is corrosion resistant and has an exceptional capability to prevent deterioration that can be caused by chemical reactions. Based on the information delivered by manufacturers, the life expectancy of the structure designed for cooling is 20 years before it needs to be repaired, modernized, or replaced. And the type of material is one of the key characteristics that affect the tower efficiency and longevity.

Choosing tower fan

Tower fans are one of the main elements of the whole system. Most of them are assembled out of long-lasting and superb galvanized steel or first-class malleable aluminum. Overall tower performance can be improved if picking the right fans of superior quality from a trustworthy and reputable supplier. Thus, more aged systems that have already served your industrial objects for a while can drastically increase the level of performance if installing well-created fans for improved air circulation and making the whole system much more productive.

There are a few crucial factors that can be foremost determiners if specific characteristics of a tower can fit your industrial and commercial needs. Contact the Baikal Mechanical crew of knowledgeable specialists for obtaining more information about how towers can be modernized by integrating the company’s fans onto the existing structures.

HVAC cooling towers benefits

Reduction in energy costs associated with the energy consumption of fans and circulating pumps is the key advantage of advanced and upgraded towers. This allows extending the life of refrigeration equipment and ensuring operation in much more favorable conditions, thereby reducing potential wear and tear to an optimal minimum. The simple process of installation, ease of operation and high rates of trouble-free performance, and a minimum of service through the life expectancy are other advantages of an innovative cooling tower system with an integrated modern Baikal fan technology.

By buying cooling equipment manufactured by the Baikal Mechanical company, you get a quick delivery, the highest quality possible, peace of mind, and the best return on investment.

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