Commercial video games can help treat mental illness

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Popular video games have the potential to provide low-cost, easily accessible, effective and clean support for some mental health issues, says Lero of the Science Foundation Ireland Research Center for Software. Researchers have discovered.

Lero’s team said video games can be used if conventional treatments are not available due to cost or location, or in addition to traditional treatments for depression and anxiety.

Dr. Mark Campbell, a researcher at Lero, said there is plenty of scientific evidence to support the improvements in commercial video games. Mental health results After the team reviews existing academic research on the impact of video games Mental health issues, Especially depression and anxiety.

“It’s worth considering commercial video games as a potential alternative option to improve various aspects of global mental health,” he added.

Dr. Campbell leads a team from the Institute of Health and Physical Education and Sports Sciences at Limrick University in his latest research paper, Mental Health Games: A Narrative on Relieving Depression and Anxiety with Commercial Video Games in Academic Journals. Review “was announced. JMIR serious game..

Dr. Campbell said commercial video games are available for free or at a relatively low cost, one-off, with an estimated 2.7 billion video gamers worldwide.

“The overall accessibility and widespread use of commercial video games in modern society is positioned as an invaluable means of reaching individuals with mental illness with restricted access, regardless of age or gender. Mental health careIn particular, it is relevant during the current COVID-19 pandemic. “

The lead authors of the Lero and UL Magdalena Kowal treatises, their research was conducted in the context of financial and medical service burdens for mental illness, affecting more than 14% of the world’s population and a significant proportion of people. Mental health issues I have not been treated.

“There is a growing demand for accessible and cost-effective ways to prevent and facilitate the response to mental health disorders. This demand has worsened following the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent increase in mental health. I am. health Especially disability, depression, anxiety. “

According to Magdalena Kowal, commercial virtual reality (VR) video Games have great potential for treatment mental health There is also a problem.

“These are ideal for implementing cognitive-behavioral therapies for the treatment of future depression and anxiety disorders. Given the immersive nature of VR technology and the controllability of virtual environments, they are particularly suitable for: There may be exposure therapy, “she added.

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For more information:
Magdalena Kowal et al, Gaming Your Mental Health: A Narrative Review on Mitigating Symptoms of Depression and Anxiety Using Commercial Video Games, JMIR serious game (2021). DOI: 10.2196 / 26575

Irish Science Foundation Software Research Center, provided by Lero

Quote: Commercial video games are mental illnesses acquired on June 17, 2021 from https: // (June 17, 2021) May be useful for the treatment of days)

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Commercial video games can help treat mental illness

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