Common French bird species face a “relentless” decline

The goldfinch is one of the 43 common species that are declining.

Scientists quoted data collected by volunteer ornithologists over more than 30 years on Monday, and human activity is declining the most common bird population in France, from the city center to the rural areas. I warned.

Between 1989 and 2019, more than 2,000 French bird lovers participated in the surveillance of 123 of the most common bird species in the United States through the Tracking Common Birds Over Time (STOC) program.

The effort is sponsored by the French National Museum of Natural History, and President Bruno David called the findings “merciless.”

According to the museum, more than one-third of the common French birds, such as the goldfinch, turtle dove and Nishiiwatsume, have declined.

The sharp decline in population is on agricultural land, with a 30% decline in numbers over 30 years, followed by Urban area, A decrease of about 28% was seen.

forest bird Over the last 30 years, that number has dropped by 10% and is a little better.

“Massacre” in the field

Conservation biologist Benoit Fontaine, a researcher at the National Museum, described the loss of birds in agricultural areas as a “genocide” at a press conference on Monday.

In 2018, Fontaine published a study detailing the decline. “Our countryside is becoming a true desert,” he said at the time.

In a joint press release, the National Museum, the French Society for Preservation of Birds (LPO), and other organizations said that even spiders and swallows that had adapted to urban conditions are now suffering.

“Remodeling the building and refurbishing the façade destroys the holes that some species have nested in,” he said.

“As the invasion of the city increases, they decrease. Food source, Contamination by transportation Industrial activity It also threatens their health. “

Fontaine pointed out the use of powerful neonicotinoid pesticides that destroy birds’ main food sources, along with agricultural mechanization, land clear rows, and hedge destruction.

LPO President Allain Bougrain-Dubourg said he hopes the findings will lead to ongoing negotiations on the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy.

“If you don’t take enough steps to radically change the way you do, you can’t get out of it,” he said.

In addition to agricultural and urban challenges Climate change Hunting and poaching are also threatening some species, driving some populations further north.

Biodiversity groups are working to ban traditional controversial methods such as hunting for species considered endangered in France and gluing birds.

French country bird population “collapse”

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Common French bird species face a “relentless” decline

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