Common pesticides can contribute to the global obesity crisis

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Commonly used pesticides may be part of the cause of the global obesity epidemic, according to a study led by scientists at McMaster University.

Researchers have found that chlorpyrifos, which is widely sprayed on fruits and vegetables in many other parts of the world, slows calorie burning in mouse brown adipose tissue, although its use in food is banned in Canada. Did. By reducing the burning of this calorie, a process known as dietary heat generation, the body stores these extra calories and promotes obesity.

Scientists discovered after studying 34 commonly used pesticides and herbicides Brown fat cells Test the effect of chlorpyrifos on mice fed a high-calorie diet.Their findings have been published in Nature Communications May have a significant impact on public health..

“Brown fat is the metabolic furnace of our body and burns calories, unlike the normal fats used to store them. It produces heat and calories are normal white fat. It prevents it from accumulating in our bodies, when we eat. “

“Lifestyle changes around diet and exercise rarely lead to sustainability. Weight loss.. We believe that part of the problem could be this essential dialback of the chlorpyrifos metabolites. “

According to Steinberg, chlorpyrifos only needs to reduce the energy use of brown fat by 40 calories daily to cause obesity in adults, which is equivalent to 5 pounds of weight gain per year.

He said several environmental toxins, including chlorpyrifos, are associated with elevation. obesity Percentages of both humans and animals, most of these studies have gained weight Food intake It’s not burning calories.

The use of chlorpyrifos in food is banned in Canada, but imported produce may be treated with chlorpyrifos.

“The findings have not yet been confirmed in humans, but an important consideration is that if possible, consume fruits and vegetables from local Canadian sources, and if you consume imported produce, it is entirely. It’s about making sure it’s cleaned, “said Steinberg.

Common pesticides banned via links to children’s problems

For more information:
Bo Wang et al, the pesticide chlorpyrifos, promotes obesity by inhibiting diet-induced heat generation in brown adipose tissue, Nature Communications (2021). DOI: 10.1038 / s41467-021-25384-y

Quote: Common pesticides are the Global Obesity Crisis (2021) obtained from on August 27, 2021. May 27, 2014)

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Common pesticides can contribute to the global obesity crisis

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