Complexity is the biggest threat to cloud success and security

recently Transformation Agent Report, Agents of Transformation 2021: Rise of Full Stack Observability, 77% of global technicians report experiencing higher complexity as a result of accelerated cloud computing initiatives during the pandemic. An additional 78% said they needed to manage legacy and cloud technology patchwork as an additional source of technology adoption and complexity. (Note: The sponsor of this article sells AIops / observable tools.)

What’s behind these high percentages? A perfect storm-like event that continues to spur the rapid growth of complexity.

First, cloud adoption and rapid migration are accelerating. Initially driven by a pandemic, it is now driven by business recovery. This led to a lack of planning and led to choosing too many technologies to solve business problems without considering how everything would work.

Second is the rapid growth of new types of cloud and cloud connectivity technologies. Today, cloud-based platforms need to be integrated with technologies such as edge computing, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence-driven business analytics and insights, and existing traditional systems that cannot be deprecated.

Enterprises run into a “complexity barrier” shortly after deployment when they realize that the cost and complexity of operating a complex, widely distributed cloud solution outweighs its benefits. The number of moving parts quickly becomes uneven and overly complex. It is clear that organizations cannot maintain the skills to operate and maintain these platforms. Welcome to the complexity of the cloud.

Many IT departments blame the complexity of a set of new options developers have when building systems in a multi-cloud deployment. However, companies need to enable innovative people to build better systems in order to build better businesses. Innovation is a fascinating opportunity to give up. Probably not the best business if you limit the technologies that can be adopted only to avoid operational complexity.

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Complexity is the biggest threat to cloud success and security

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