Compliance with UK household mix restrictions decreased with each blockade

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Household mix fell sharply in the first blockade in the UK, remained relatively low in the second blockade, but increased in the third blockade, he said. Science report.. The authors observed that the increase in household mix by mid-February 2021 during the third blockade was consistent with the broader deployment of the COVID-19 vaccine across the United Kingdom.

Professor Ed Manley and colleagues used GDPR-compliant mobile phone data from more than one million anonymous users who agreed to use it for research purposes. The authors compared the overall pandemic household mix to baseline levels, calculated from average household visits eight weeks before the pandemic began in the United Kingdom.The authors observed a maximum reduction of 54.4% in household mix during the first time. Blockade As the restrictions were lifted (from March 2020), it gradually increased through 2020. The authors also observed a 15.28% reduction in household mix in the second blockade (starting in November 2020) and a 26.22% reduction in the first month of the third blockade (January 2021). ..Household mix varies by region, some Urbanized area It is associated with an increasing mix of households such as London, Manchester and Cambridge.

The significant increase in household composition by mid-February 2021 exceeded baseline levels by 1.4% to 23.3% during the third blockade, despite remaining national regulations. The increase in household composition was in line with the announcement that the most vulnerable people were vaccinated and the broader rollout of vaccination programs across the United Kingdom. The authors suggest that this significant increase in household mix during the third blockade may reflect widespread awareness of the safety of vaccination. The authors also suggest that “blockade fatigue” contributed to higher levels of household mixing in later blockades.

The authors conclude that cell phone data research may provide privacy protection tools to help assess the effectiveness of COVID-19 public health policies on a local and national scale. The authors did not predict the association between potential future restrictions or boosters and household mixes.

1 in 3 is less active during the blockade and its aftermath

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Ed Manly, COVID-19 Pandemic Household Visit, Science report (2021). DOI: 10.1038 / s41598-021-02092-7..

Quote: COVID-19: https: // blockade (November 25, 2021) obtained from england on November 25, 2021 , UK’s compliance with household mixing restrictions has declined. .html

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Compliance with UK household mix restrictions decreased with each blockade

Source link Compliance with UK household mix restrictions decreased with each blockade

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