Computing storage startup Pliops announces flagship product

Startup called Pliops Introduced from stealth mode as a new way to process data. Instead of loading data into main memory as in the past, Pliops technology offloads data and applications to a PCI Express card and processes them where the data is stored, leaving the CPU for other tasks. You will be able to use it.

This is called computational storage. The concept has been around for some time, but like many technical ideas, it was ahead of its time. Technology needed to catch up with the concept. Not possible with mechanical hard drives, SSDs were also needed to make a profit. Recently, Samsung and Xilinx partner Provides on-storage computing SSD devices that use Xilinx FPGAs to offload processing operations.

Pliops has been around since 2017. Finally, we launched Pliops XDP, our flagship product, which stands for eXtreme Data Processor.

“Just as GPUs overcome processing inefficiencies and accelerate AI and analytics performance, the breakthrough Pliops Extreme Data Processor (XDP) overcomes storage inefficiencies and significantly accelerates performance. , Dramatically reduce infrastructure costs for today’s applications, “reads the Pliops website.

Samsung / Xilinx products are SSDs with computing and DRAM for processing, but Pliops cards are basically the latest RAID controllers for all-flash storage. XDP is a specially designed thin accelerator located between NVMe SSDs and data requesting applications.

The card actually takes the applications running on the system, moves them directly to storage, and processes them there. This reduces or eliminates the CPU load. Pliops claims to reduce CPU stress by up to 80% and free up the performance of other tasks.

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Computing storage startup Pliops announces flagship product

Source link Computing storage startup Pliops announces flagship product

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