Condo Declaration outlines repair liability

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Dear Polyakov,

I live in a condominium and am wondering who will repair the flaws in the sliding glass doors.

Signed, WB

Dear WB,

We’ve discussed similar issues in the past, but your question is generally a good time to see how apartment maintenance and repairs work. The Condominium Act provides in Section 718.111 (11) that the Association is responsible for guaranteeing “all parts of the condominium property originally installed or as a similar and quality exchange, in accordance with the original plan and specifications”. I am. Significantly approved changes to the property. Deducted unit owner’s personal property and other specially excluded property (floors, walls, ceiling coverings, appliances, cabinets, countertops, window treatments, appliances, water heaters, water purifiers, etc.) thing. These are all the responsibility of the unit owner. ). In the event of damage caused by an “insurance accident” (such as a fire or hurricane), the association will need to repair or replace all insured properties (whether or not they actually have such insurance). Therefore, if the sliding glass doors are damaged by danger, the association is responsible for repairing or replacing them.

Condo Declaration outlines repair liability

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