Congressman Tom Suoji announces running for Governor of New York

New York-Democratic Rep. Tom Suoji said on Monday that he would run for Governor of New York in next year’s elections and participate in a widespread preliminary election when former Governor Andrew Mark Cuomo resigned.

Suoji told reporters at a virtual press conference that he was jumping into the 2022 race.

“I’m a common-sense Democrat,” Suoji said. “I don’t think it’s about going to the far left or the far right. It’s about trying to find the answer to the problem we’re facing.”

The announcement by a 59-year-old MP in Long Island came a few days after the US House of Representatives passed President Joe Biden’s vast social and environmental bill.

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The law includes provisions that raise limits on state and local taxes that people can deduct from federal taxes. This is what Suoji has fought to disproportionately help top-income earners in high-tax coastal states like New York.

Suoji said he had been considering a governor campaign for months, but first wanted to raise the tax deduction limit in Congress and use it to market to voters.

A bill recently passed by the House of Representatives raised the $ 10,000 limit to $ 80,000. The bill is now being transferred to the Senate, where it may be reduced.

Suoji represents Long Island, including the wealthy North Shore, and part of Queens in New York’s March 3rd Parliamentary District. He survived the tough reelection of 2020 and won in the Democratic-minded Swing district.

The open race to replace him can be fiercely contested by both parties. Democrats have a five-vote margin in the House of Representatives and are historically expected to lose their seats in the midterm elections because they are the parties in power.

Governor Suoji is not facing another tough Republican challenge in the re-election battle, but is facing some of the major challengers running to his left, so his modest qualifications Expected to be available.

Democratic primaries include Governor Kathy Hokul, who took office after Kuomo resigned in a sexual harassment allegation. Attorney General Letitia James, whose alleged investigation prompted Cuomo to resign. And Juman Williams, an elected public advocate of New York City.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, whose term ends this year, has also hinted that he may be competing in the race. De Blasio submitted documents last month to establish a funding committee.

He has repeatedly said he wants to continue his official duties, and recently appeared on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” to announce a campaign-style state education plan, but danced over questions about whether to run for governor.

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De Blasio, James, and Williams all rely on Brooklyn voter support, but Hockle is from Buffalo, Western New York.

Suoji first received state-wide attention in 2004 as a local elected official to lead the “Albany Amendment” movement to suspend the delegation of the state capital to local governments that raised local taxes. His efforts helped dismiss two incumbent members of the state legislature.

Accountant and lawyer Suoji ran for governor earlier in 2006. He lost the Democratic primary of Eliot Spitzer. Spitzer later resigned due to a sex scandal.

Prior to being elected to Parliament in 2016, Suoji was Mayor of Glen Cove from 1994 to 2001 and an elected executive of Nassau County from 2002 to 2009.

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Congressman Tom Suoji announces running for Governor of New York

Source link Congressman Tom Suoji announces running for Governor of New York

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