Congressmen return to Tallahassee prior to 2022 session

They are back. Parliamentarians have returned to the Capitol for a meeting this week for 2022. Members are ready to change politics and may pick up a major abortion bill next year.

During the weeks of these pre-sessional committees over the next few months, lawmakers will prepare bills and plans. Chief among them, subdivision.

Members will divide the state into new legislative and parliamentary districts after the latest 2020 census count. This gave Florida additional seats in Parliament, increasing the number of delegations to 28.

The majority of Republicans have promised a fair shake. But Democrats are concerned that the boundaries of the new district could mean that Republicans will win a majority at the Florida House or have tighter control over the Florida Senate.

“As a caucuse, I think we need to stay focused,” said D-Tampa Rep. Fentris Driskel. come up. “

Republicans may also seriously consider fetal abortion bills, such as the new Texas law. It will ban abortion in about 6 weeks instead of 24.

Congressman Anthony Sabatini sponsors the version.The Clermon Republican Party believed that the party would be more encouraged to take further steps. Supreme Court of the United States Recently, he refused to challenge Texas policy.

“It’s time to do what we did in Texas and many other states,” Sabatini said. “Many states have passed the Heartbeat bill. Texas was the first to reach the Supreme Court, SCOTUS. I just arrived. “

Progressive has already warned that pushbacks will be intense. Congressman Anna Escamani said the policy is unlikely to overcome legal issues due to Florida’s widespread privacy law. She vowed to fight the House of Commons measures at every stage.

“For these male politicians who want to continue politics in their lives, there are millions of women of reproductive age who are at risk of losing access to physical independence,” said Democrat Orlando. Said.

Reducing the number of Florida standardized tests is another idea of ​​the mix and could gain bipartisan support.Governor Desantis Purpose Abolish the annual FSA and replace it with regular assessments during the school year. He used Congress to draft policies that members might reveal in the coming weeks.

“We believe that a progress monitoring system that streamlines regular assessments will be easier for students, parents and teachers to use,” said DeSantis. Monday..

According to political experts, there are likely to be bipartisan bills. Since 2022 is the year of the election, Hans Hassel, an assistant professor of political science at Florida State University, expected the idea of ​​lean meat to emerge, but with little follow-through.

“They can go back to the base and say,’See, this is what we did,'” Hassel said. And what they are really interested in is the feed for their election or reelection cycle. “

Legislators have a committee for another five weeks.

The 60-day session will begin on Tuesday, January 11th.

Congressmen return to Tallahassee prior to 2022 session

Source link Congressmen return to Tallahassee prior to 2022 session

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