Connecticut Mayor Suspended Detective Lauren Smith-Death of Fields

As a 23-year-old death Lauren Smith-Fields The world, which continues to attract attention on social media, continues to demand justice as the person responsible for her death wants to be arrested. Connecticut civil servants are listening to and taking action with law enforcement agencies who feel they have mishandled the case of another deceased black woman.according to NBC ConnecticutMayor of Bridgeport Joseph P. Ganim intervened and suspended two detectives.

Mayor Gannin reportedly announced late Sunday that detectives Kevin Kronin and Angel Ranos, who were assigned to the cases of Lauren and Brenda Lee Rawls, were officially suspended. In yesterday’s live stream, Mayor Ganin expressed his condolences to both women’s families. “I am very disappointed with the leadership of the Bridgeport Police Department and feel that the actions taken up to this point are unacceptable,” he said in the flow.

If she wasn’t used to the death of 53-year-old Brenda, she died on December 12, the same day as Lauren. Brenda’s family claims that police have not investigated her death or taken her case seriously. In addition, Brenda and Lauren’s family were not informed by the authorities of their death. Both women’s families say they learned of death through her landlord and her neighbors.

Domestic affairs intervened to investigate Detective Kronin and Detective Llanos. Men also face disciplinary action due to their lack of sensitivity to the public and their failure to follow police policy. The deaths of Lauren and Brenda are still under investigation and have been relocated within the police station. “The Bridgeport Police Department has high standards for police susceptibility, especially in issues related to the death of a family member,” said Mayor Ganim. “If you don’t follow the policy, it’s an unacceptable failure.”

The cause of Brenda’s death was undecided, and Lauren’s cause of death was determined to be an accident. Roommates, we’ll keep you up to date as more information becomes available.

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Connecticut Mayor Suspended Detective Lauren Smith-Death of Fields

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