Conscious Gaming: Record stakes show bad news for illegal bookmakers

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Responsible game organization Conscious game He cited a record amount of US sports betting last weekend as a clear signal that bettors are increasingly avoiding illegal operators in favor of regulated bookmakers.

It states: “A record amount of US legitimate online gaming and sports betting was recorded last weekend, which has been illegally protected in the past by US consumers in favor of regulated US industry. It shows that we are not looking away from the offshore bookmaker business.

An additional benefit is that revenue that was once directed to illegal markets now remains in the community in which these bettors live.

Use data from the parent company GeoComply, Conscious gaming this year NFL Conference Championship Over 30 million geoposition transactions were recorded over the weekend in 17 online gambling states in the United States ( Washington District), 260% increase compared to the same weekend in 2020.

Two new states, Michigan And VirginiaStarted legal affairs just in time for the weekend game. In these markets alone, 7.5 million transactions originate from over 400,000 accounts, accounting for 25% of the total volume of the US market. The additions of Michigan and Virginia helped promote the best deals ever on weekends, featuring a schedule of heavy sporting events.

“Hundreds of thousands of people in Michigan and Virginia made their first legal online bet last weekend,” he said. Seth Paransky, Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility at Conscious Gaming. “This shows that Americans abandon illegal websites and street corner bookmakers and rely on companies that take responsibility and provide strong consumer protection and responsible gaming protection.”

In addition, the organization adds that taxes that were previously sucked up by illegal gambling businesses are now remaining in the United States, benefiting state governments and taxpayers and generating economic growth. In 2020, legitimate US online games created hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes on cash-bound states.

As more and more states seek to legalize and regulate various forms of internet gambling and sports betting, Conscious Gaming, an independent non-profit organization created by GeoComply, protects consumers and is a responsible game. We are working on innovations that will strengthen our programs and make our self-exclusion programs effective. And universal.

“As the industry grows, it’s important to work hard to protect problematic bettors and implement additional processes to manage growth effectively and responsibly,” says Palansky. I added.

I also created conscious gaming PlayPauseAn innovative multi-state repository that allows consumers to self-exclude from online gambling. You can also easily add other banned individuals (athletes, coaches, employees, etc.) to the database and exclude them from your bet.

PlayPause works to better protect consumers, eliminate silos, and facilitate information sharing between state regulators, operators, and sports leagues. In addition, it prevents vulnerable players and banned individuals from betting wherever they are, not just inside the current state border as it is today.

Conscious Gaming: Record stakes show bad news for illegal bookmakers

Source link Conscious Gaming: Record stakes show bad news for illegal bookmakers

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