Convention on the High Seas cannot reach an agreement

60% of the sea is the “high seas” outside the jurisdiction of the country.

At the UN talks on Friday, the clock to conclude a legally binding treaty to protect the open ocean outside the jurisdiction of the country has expired, but no schedule has been set to extend the discussion.

This fourth round of negotiations since 2018 will prevent biodiversity loss, oversee industrial-scale fishing and “Genetic resources“Sea.

“We haven’t finished our work,” said Lena Lee, Singapore’s diplomat and chairman of the conference, saying the COVID pandemic caused a major delay.

“We believe that with continued commitment, determination and dedication, we can bridge and close the rest of the gap,” she said at the end of Friday’s session.

It is currently entrusted to the UN General Assembly, Green light For another round of negotiations.

“We need to make every effort in the coming months to secure this long-awaited treaty in 2022,” said the President of the International Union for Conservation of Nature, a coalition of more than 40 major NGOs and the International Union for Conservation of Nature. Peggy Crow said. IUCN).

The European Union and the so-called High Ambition Coalition of 13 other countries, including India, Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom, support the same goal.

Some countries and many environmental groups require that at least 30% of the world’s oceans be granted protection status. This will also be a goal at the United Nations Decade on Biodiversity later this year.

Currently less than 1% open Ocean According to the High Seas Alliance, he enjoys his position.

The ocean produces half of the oxygen we breathe, regulates the weather, and provides humanity’s only largest source of protein.

However, they are at stake due to human activity.

Marine genetic resources

Carbon dioxide emissions and global warming cause catastrophic ocean heat waves and acidification.

The United Nations Climate Science Advisory Board predicts that more than 99% of shallow corals will die if global average temperatures exceed pre-industrial levels by more than one degree.

“The ocean as a whole is getting warmer and salt levels are rising. Maritime life“Pew Charitable Trust expert Liz Callan said.

Humans have also caught endangered species of some marine species and used the world’s waters as dumps.

Today, agreements and regulatory patchwork control shipping, fishing and mineral mining, and the UN Maritime Treaty, negotiated in the 1970s, sets rules on how far a country’s reach extends beyond its coasts. I am.

However, despite 20 years of talks, there is still no treaty to protect the high seas outside the jurisdiction of the country, which occupies about two-thirds of the world’s oceans.

Another controversial question is who can benefit from what is known as “marine genetic resources.”

Poor nations are afraid that wealthy nations will be on the sidelines as they explore the ocean in search of the next mysterious ingredient in the pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetic industries and contain predatory trademarks and patents.

Will McCarran, Head of Marines at Greenpeace UK, said it was important to close the deal by the end of this.

“You won’t be disappointed with the fifth session,” he told AFP. “But if the deal isn’t closed in 2022, the chances of a firm treaty are virtually zero.”

“Ministers and heads of state need to step up ahead of the next round of negotiations to ensure that we land a strong treaty,” he added.

The treaty covers the so-called high seas, which begins beyond the country’s exclusive economic zone, which stretches 200 nautical miles (370 kilometers) from the coast.

New hopes for a groundbreaking treaty to save marine life

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Convention on the High Seas cannot reach an agreement

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