Core strength can help dogs avoid knee injuries

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Agile dogs that lack the core strength of routine exercise and dogs that participate in activities such as flyball may be susceptible to one of the most common dog knee injuries. there is.

Or Knee injury Is a rupture of the cranial cruciate ligament, which is Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) Human tears.

Research that records the activity and probability of injury in more than 1,200 agile dogs shows that almost all exercises reduce the risk of breaking ligaments, while some exercises appear to increase the risk. In addition, we found that the size and shape of dogs, and thereby certain breeds, are also at higher risk.

“Balance Exercise, Wobble Board, Core strength It seemed to reduce the chances of a dog’s ligament rupture. “ BMC Veterinary Research.. “We have found that dog fitness is just as important as humans, but we have never shown it before.”

Theron is also the founder of the University Agility Dog Health Network accessed in the study. By using odds ratios, which are essentially statistical risk assessments, veterinary orthopedic specialists at the University of California, Davis, Theron and Dennis Marcelin Little looked for trends in 1,262 agile dogs. .. ..

In addition to balance and core strengthening exercises, dock diving, barn hunting, and scent work are also associated with reduced ligament rupture rates.

Regular activities such as swimming, fetching and playing frisbee, walking and running did not increase the risk of injury, but did not lower the odds.

Surprisingly, dogs that competed more often in agility events and at higher levels on more technically demanding types of courses were less likely to destroy the cruciate ligament.

The only physical activity that increased the likelihood of injury was short weekly walks and running on rugged or flat terrain. Many of these injuries were early dogs in an agile career and lacked core strength from everyday life. Gymnastics Or sometimes a rest day.

Training or competition in the new and popular dog sports flyball has proved to be the most dangerous of all the activities evaluated in the survey. Agile dogs who also engaged in flyball sports were almost twice as likely to rupture ligaments as other dogs. Almost 12% of dogs reported to flyball ruptured their ligaments.

The study also identified risk factors that have been widely accepted over the years. In particular, bitch who had contraceptive surgery before the age of 1 was almost twice as likely to have ligament rupture as dogs who had contraceptive surgery after their 1st birthday. Theron said this is believed to reflect the importance of hormones in the development of strong ligaments in young animals.

Trends were also confirmed among certain varieties.

According to the findings, Australian Shepherds and Labrador retrievers were more than twice as likely to rupture ligaments.Rottweilers and Australian Cattle Dogs could tear more than four times ligament..

Marcelin-I’m a little speculated that it has something to do with the shape of the dog, and perhaps its tail.

“big dog do it Agile It’s not surprising that Rottweilers and Australian Shepherds can be at high risk, as they tend to be out of balance. rupture Compared to smaller varieties, “he said. The tail has proven to be very important to the cheetah, and you can imagine the role it plays in the overall balance of the dog. “

Marcellin-Little said there is still a lot of research to complete, but the study provides veterinarians with a place to start.

“This study reduces uncertainty. It does not bring certainty, but this one study will help you to inspire your thoughts and explore potential areas of research that aim to move forward.” He said. “This is the type of research that the Agility Dog Health Network plans to support.”

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For more information:
Debra C. Sellon et al, a risk factor for canine cruciate ligament rupture, participating in dog agility, BMC Veterinary Research (2022). DOI: 10.1186 / s12917-022-03146-2

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Core strength can help dogs avoid knee injuries

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