Coronavirus update: 50% reduction in cases since early September

New York (WABC)-Coronavirus cases are steadily declining nationwide. Cases have decreased by 50% since the beginning of September.

Meanwhile, thousands of people gathered throughout California opposed the obligation to vaccinate state students.

California teachers now need to get a shot. Once the vaccine is fully approved for the age group, all students will follow immediately.

In Chicago, 35% of police stations do not report vaccination status and are at risk of losing their jobs.

The details of today’s COVID-19 heading are as follows:

FDA is moving towards permission for mixed COVID vaccine booster
Sources familiar with the FDA’s plans are moving towards recommending ABC News to get boosters that match the original vaccination, but allow boosters of different brands at the provider’s discretion. He says he admits to doing so.

NHL suspends San Jose Sharks Evander Kane due to fake COVID-19 vaccination card
NHL suspends 21 San Jose Sharks forward evander canes To submit a fake COVID-19 vaccination card..

The league announced an unpaid suspension on Monday, saying Kane was not eligible to play in New Jersey until November 30th. Kane loses about $ 1.68 million of her $ 7 million salary this season, and the money goes to the Players Emergency Assistance Fund.

94% of New York Hospital Workers Vaccinated
According to New York City officials, 94% of staff at 11 municipal hospitals are vaccinated.

About the other 6% situation:

“No one calls it taking unpaid leave,” said Dr. Mitchell Katz, CEO of Health + Hospitals. “We hope that by the end of this month the numbers will be very low and all hospitals will be fully functional.”

First Black US Secretary of State Colin Powell dies at age 84 from COVID-19 complications
Colin Powell, who served the Democratic and Republican presidents in war and peace, forever tainted his best reputation when he appeared before the United Nations and made a false claim to justify the US war in Iraq. it was done. Died of complications of COVID-19.. He was 84 years old. In a social media announcement, Powell’s family said he was completely vaccinated.

New COVID Vaccine Obligation Effective in New Jersey
In New Jersey, new vaccine obligations are in force. Beginning Monday, all school and state workers must be vaccinated against COVID-19 or show evidence of a negative test. Next month, the same mission will take effect for workers in a nursery facility in Garden State.
The mission has become a major issue in the governor’s competition. Enforced requirements are that all state workers and all university, university, and school employees (public or private) must present evidence of vaccination or submit it to a weekly COVID test. Means.

FDA meets next month about Merck’s COVID treatment
The FDA will convene an outside expert at the end of next month to discuss an experimental antiviral drug designed to treat Merck’s COVID. This is the first time the panel has met on treatment, not vaccine, during this pandemic. The FDA says it believes that public debate will help ensure a better understanding of the data. The November 30 meeting means that US regulators will almost certainly not make drug decisions until December.

CDC updates holiday guidance to encourage vaccines and indoor masking
NS CDC updated holiday guidance on FridayEncourage people to be vaccinated and wear masks indoors when in public. “We fully expect family and friends to get together on vacation this year and have updated the guidance on the best ways to stay safe during the vacation. Minimize COVID risk and get people together safely. The best way to be able to do this is to get vaccinated, or get a booster if you qualify. “

Experts explain why the proceedings against the COVID-19 vaccine obligation fail

Some employees, from teachers to airline workers, who faced retirement due to non-compliance with the company’s COVID-19 vaccine obligations, went to court to fight the decision. Some plaintiffs, including New York City Education Department employees, a handful of Los Angeles County civil servants, and United Airlines workers, questioned the constitutionality of the rules and claimed they had no religious rights. He insisted that the obligation should be removed. It was observed. So far, these arguments have not upset judges who have ruled in favor of their employers, or who have not issued long injunctions while listening to the case.And legal experts tell them to ABC News Don’t expect different results Immediately in court.

What you need to know about the religious exemption of COVID shots as the vaccine obligation develops
Mandatory COVID-19 vaccines are skyrocketing nationwide in the public and private sectors, and in some school districts, with increasing opposition from those who do not want or hesitate to fire. Vaccination efforts raise new questions about exemptions, as vaccinations are generally relatively new and are generally mandatory for adults outside of the environment, such as medical facilities and the military.
Overall data on COVID-19 vaccine exemption is not yet available, but many companies and state governments Interested in religious exemption -Protection due to the Civil Rights Act of 1964. This puts the employer in a difficult and legally unstable position to determine if the request is valid. As a result, some states are trying to abolish non-medical exemptions for employees altogether.

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Coronavirus update: 50% reduction in cases since early September

Source link Coronavirus update: 50% reduction in cases since early September

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