Coronavirus Update: 99% of US Cases Delta Variant Source, CDC Says

New York (WABC)-CDC states that delta variants are still responsible for 99% of current coronavirus cases in the United States

The White House and federal health officials have expressed concern about the Omicron variant, but don’t panic.

In 22 states, hospitalizations have increased by about 10% over the past week.

Another constant theme from health authorities is that the best defense against all variants is vaccination.

“Delta continues to cause incidents nationwide, especially in unvaccinated people,” said CDC director Rochelle Walensky.

Currently, nearly 60,000 Americans are in hospitals fighting COVID.

The details of today’s COVID-19 heading are as follows:

Three more cases of Omicron found in New York

New York Governor Cathy Hockle states that three additional cases of the Omicron variant have been found in New York. All three new cases are from New York City, with a total of seven city residents who tested positive for the new variant. Another case from Suffolk County was detected, with a total of eight cases occurring in New York State. “We knew there were variants of Omicron, so we expect to see more cases, but let’s be clear, we’re not vulnerable,” said Governor Hokul.

The first Omicron case confirmed in Connecticut
Governor Ned Lamont presented a case of the first confirmed COVID-19 Omicron variant in Connecticut.

The incident involves a man in his 60s from Hartford County who developed mild symptoms on November 27. He is completely vaccinated. The family visited New York City from November 17th to 22nd and attended the Anime NYC 2021 Convention at the Javits Center. The family developed mild symptoms on 21 November and was tested for COVID-19 at home on 23 November with a positive result.

First Omicron Case Confirmed in New Jersey
Governor Phil Murphy and New Jersey Health Director Judy Persicily New Jersey Health Department Announces Identifying Cases of Omicron Mutant As a traveler to the state. An adult female who is a fully vaccinated resident of Georgia recently traveled to South Africa.

The female has been quarantined since it was tested positive on 28 November. She experienced moderate symptoms and is now recovering after being treated in the North Jersey emergency department. The New Jersey Department of Health laboratory has sequenced the specimen and confirmed that it is an Omicron variant.

Religious non-public schools oppose the obligation of the new NYCCOVID vaccine
New York City Religious and Independent School Committee Fighting back on friday After Mayor Bill de Blasio announces the new COVID-19 vaccine obligations, all non-public school employees must receive their first injection by 20 December. This affects approximately 56,000 employees in 938 Yeshiva, Catholic schools and other private schools.
“Many of our schools consider COVID vaccination to be the most appropriately left to individual choice, not government responsibility,” wrote Rabbi David Zwiebel. “This is an area where the government should persuade the bully’s Palpit, not a regulatory department to enforce it.”

“Not Panic Note”: Authorities Confirm Five Omicron Cases in New York
Authorities are calling attention rather than panic after New York is added to the ever-growing list of states Confirmed cases of COVID-19 Omicron variant.. These states include Minnesota, where men are believed to have been infected with a variant of COVID-19 when they visited the Javits Center in Manhattan last month.

Studies suggest that Omicron mutants may overcome immune protection from previous COVID infections
South African scientists warn of reinfection among those who have already fought COVID-19 Seems more likely with the new Omicron variant Than the previous coronavirus mutant. One research group is tracking reinfection in South Africa and reports a surge due to the arrival of Omicron, which was not seen when two previous mutants, including the highly contagious delta mutant, traveled through South Africa. bottom. The findings posted online on Thursday are preliminary and have not yet been scientifically reviewed. The researchers also do not say which part of the reinfection was identified as a case of Omicron, or whether they caused a serious illness.

Germany: 1 in 100 people infected with the virus, says the Minister of Health
Germany’s health minister said Friday that more than 1% of the population (nearly one million) is currently infected with the coronavirus and called on citizens to vaccinate if not yet. The country confirmed 74,352 new daily COVID-19 cases and 390 additional deaths, figures released by the Federal Disease Control Agency showed. According to calculations by the Robert Koch Institute, it is estimated that about 925,800 people in Germany are actively infected with the virus. Health Minister Jens Spawn said the number of unvaccinated populations infected and seriously ill is much higher than their share of the total population.
“If all German adults were vaccinated, this wouldn’t be a difficult situation,” he told reporters in Berlin.

Antonio Brown allegedly asked the chef to get a fake COVID vaccine card.
Antonio Brown and two other NFL players Immediately interrupted in 3 games Depends on the league for violating the COVID-19 protocol. Tampa Bay wide receiver and teammate Mike Edwards were shut down on Thursday. Free agent John Franklin III is also not eligible to play in the following three games if signed by the team. All three players accepted the discipline and waived their right to appeal. Pause will take effect immediately.

Officials investigating how posters against vaccines arrived at a bus stop in New York
Vaccination prevention ads, designed to look like New York City ads that encourage vaccination Somehow I got to the bus stop in Brooklyn.. This poster was found using Twitter at the B43 bus stop on Carroll Street and Kingston Avenue in Crown Heights. The Department of Transport has outsourced bus stop ads to vendors, who say they didn’t sell them. DOT is currently investigating whether someone has destroyed the bus stop and put up a poster on their own.

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Coronavirus Update: 99% of US Cases Delta Variant Source, CDC Says

Source link Coronavirus Update: 99% of US Cases Delta Variant Source, CDC Says

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