Coronavirus Update: CDC Releases New Guidance Prior to Holiday Season

New York (WABC)-CDC has released some guidelines prior to the holiday season.

The agency’s best advice is for Americans to be vaccinated before traveling or rallies.

The CDC also emphasizes that people should still be indoors, especially wearing unvaccinated masks.

Hospitalization decreased last month.

However, some health professionals warn that it could surge in the coming months.

The details of today’s COVID-19 heading are as follows:

FDA meets next month about Merck’s COVID treatment
The FDA will convene an outside expert at the end of next month to discuss an experimental antiviral drug designed to treat Merck’s COVID. This is the first time the panel has met on treatment, not vaccine, during this pandemic. The FDA says it believes that public debate will help ensure a better understanding of the data. The November 30 meeting means that US regulators will almost certainly not make drug decisions until December.

CDC updates holiday guidance to encourage vaccines and indoor masking
NS CDC updated holiday guidance on FridayEncourage people to be vaccinated and wear masks indoors when in public. “We fully expect family and friends to get together on vacation this year and have updated the guidance on the best ways to stay safe during the vacation. Minimize COVID risk and get people together safely. The best way to be able to do this is to get vaccinated, or get a booster if you qualify. “

FDA Panel Approves Booster Shots for J & J COVID-19 Vaccine
Panel of US Health Advisors Approved booster dose Johnson & Johnson’s single COVID-19 vaccine. The Food and Drug Administration panel said on Friday that boosters should be provided at least two months after immunization, but did not suggest a firm time. The FDA is not bound by voting, but its final decision may help expand the country’s booster campaign. Pfizer’s booster vaccine was launched last month for people at high risk for COVID-19, and the FDA Advisory Board recommends the same approach to Moderna.

Walgreens claims that parents accidentally injected two children with the COVID vaccine instead of flu shots

Joshua and Alexandra Price say they and their two children Accidentally vaccinated with COVID-19 vaccine Instead of being vaccinated against the flu at a local pharmacy a week ago, we are now addressing some of the harmful symptoms. Price took children aged four and five to Walgreens in Evansville, Indiana on October 4, according to CNN reports. About 90 minutes later, the pharmacist called, saying he had made a mistake. The entire family was injected with an adult dose of COVID-19 vaccine.
“I was just shocked when they called us and said they made a mistake and gave us the wrong shot,” said Alexandra Price. “The only thing I could tell them was,’What does this mean for my children?'”

The White House says fully vaccinated foreign visitors can begin entering the United States on November 8th
Foreign visitors who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 You will be able to travel to the United States The White House said from November 8th to Friday.

“The new US travel policy that requires foreign travelers to the United States to be vaccinated will begin on November 8,” Kevin Munoz, an assistant spokesman for the White House, said on Twitter. “This announcement and date applies to both international air and land travel. This policy is based on public health and is rigorous and consistent.”

Netz’s Kryie Irving is doing “the best thing for me” with the refusal of the COVID vaccine
Kyrie Irving said Wednesday she didn’t want to lose her salary and chances of competing for the Brooklyn Nets championship. Doing “the best thing for me” By refusing to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Nets decided not to join the team on Tuesday as Irving is not eligible to play home games. New York mandates require professional athletes from the New York team to be vaccinated to practice or play in public. Irving told Instagram Live that he loves basketball and has no intention of retiring.
“I’m doing the best for myself. I know the results here. If that means I’m being judged and demonized for that, that’s exactly what Irving said.” Said. “That’s the role I play, but I didn’t want to give up my passion, love, and dreams beyond this mission.”

Oregon has temporarily withdrawn its college bachelor’s degree requirements for substitute teachers in the face of a shortage
The Oregon Teachers Standards and Practices Commission has temporarily announced new rules in hopes of helping authorities curb what they call the “abnormal shortage” of substitute teachers throughout the state. Remove bachelor’s degree requirement In some cases, get a license. According to a joint statement by Dr. Anthony Rossiles, the interim rules, which will expire on March 31, allow applicants for substitute teachers without a bachelor’s degree to be sponsored by the school district. Enhanced support and supervision are also provided. , The Commission’s Managing Director, and the Commission’s Chair, Erica Bear. This license only allows individuals to work in sponsored districts and is only valid for the rest of the school year or six months, whichever is later.

Experts explain why the proceedings against the COVID-19 vaccine obligation fail

Some employees, from teachers to airline workers, who faced retirement due to non-compliance with the company’s COVID-19 vaccine obligations, went to court to fight the decision. Some plaintiffs, including New York City Education Department employees, a handful of Los Angeles County civil servants, and United Airlines workers, questioned the constitutionality of the rules and claimed they had no religious rights. He insisted that the obligation should be removed. It was observed. So far, these arguments have not upset judges who have ruled in favor of their employers, or who have not issued long injunctions while listening to the case.And legal experts tell them to ABC News Don’t expect different results Immediately in court.

What you need to know about the religious exemption of COVID shots as the vaccine obligation develops
Mandatory COVID-19 vaccines are skyrocketing nationwide in the public and private sectors, and in some school districts, with increasing opposition from those who do not want or hesitate to fire. Vaccination efforts raise new questions about exemptions, as vaccinations are generally relatively new and are generally mandatory for adults outside of environments such as medical facilities and the military.

Overall data on COVID-19 vaccine exemption is not yet available, but many companies and state governments Interested in religious exemption -Protection due to the Civil Rights Act of 1964. This puts the employer in a difficult and legally unstable position to determine if the request is valid. As a result, some states are trying to abolish non-medical exemptions for employees altogether.

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Coronavirus Update: CDC Releases New Guidance Prior to Holiday Season

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