COVID-19 Digitalization of hotels in a pandemic

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What was the role of the COVID-19 pandemic in the digitization of the hospitality industry? Domenico Morrone, Nicola Raimo, Annunziata Tarulli and Filippo Vitolla of the Faculty of Business and Finance Technology at LUM University in Casamassima, Bari, Italy, would like to answer that question in the International Journal Digital Culture and Electronic Tourism.

NS Pandemic It has pushed many normal activities into the online realm in an unprecedented way that leads to the concept of e-tourism or smart tourism. However, the way hotels have been pandemic-influenced has not been investigated in detail in terms of the impetus for digitalization. The team hopes to fill this gap through a case study study. Hotel Construction. Digitization in other areas may involve the use of information. Communication technology (ICT) Not only in the fields of communication and marketing, but also in fields such as production, sales, and customer relationships.

Researchers have found that the motive is primarily related to the desire to improve the quality of the hotel’s structure, adapt to its competitors and improve its financial performance. Digitization has had a series of positive effects associated with increasing revenue, reducing costs, and improving the corporate image. The team writes that COVID-19 has significantly accelerated the digitization process.

The team suggests that digitization is probably the only way for hotels to move forward during and perhaps beyond the pandemic. “finished digitalizationIn fact, it is possible to guarantee and prove the hygiene of the building, maintain measures such as social distance and guest traceability, and give people the freedom to enjoy their hotel vacations, “they write. This implementation makes tourists relatively safe at the hotel. Allows hoteliers to resume much of their normal activities. By digitization Hotel industry A safer way to confront possible future crises.

Digitization did not increase productivity as expected

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Domenico Morrone et al, Digitization in the Hospitality Industry: Covid-19 Motivations, Effects, Roles, International Journal of Digital Culture and Electronic Tourism (2021). DOI: 10.1504 / IJDCET.2021.116475

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COVID-19 Digitalization of hotels in a pandemic

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