COVID-19 test site for CenturyLink Sports Complex to be relocated

South Fort Myers

For now, the COVID-19 test continues at CenturyLink Sports Complex and is no longer in the parking lot. Instead, move as a way to accommodate the Twins spring training schedule.

For months, CenturyLink was the place to go for the COVID-19 test in Lie County. But that will change soon. Spring training is about to begin and the Minnesota Twins need to regain the stadium.

As a result, the test site has moved one block away.

Cape Coral’s Rebecca Tellup is pleased that it hasn’t moved far. “It’s good not too far in case people like me don’t know. You can go up the street and find it again,” Tellup said.

Starting Friday, January 22nd, you will be able to take the COVID-19 test in the open field of Crown Pointe Parkway. The front door to the new site is outside the Six Mile Cypress.

Jose Torres hopes this will be an easier gateway to the test site. “I didn’t really come from this area, so I didn’t really know where to go, but I think it’s easier to get in wherever you go,” Torres said. ..

Cones and caution tapes are already installed to help guide people to park next to the new location. The Emergency Management Department, which oversees the site, says everything else remains the same except for the exact location.

You can move to another lot to continue testing during your spring training. It is set to start within a month on CenturyLink.

County leaders say they hope that spring training will continue to some extent due to the limited number of fans at the stands.

“It brings people back to work at the stadium. I hope it happens because everything from concessions to hotels brings taxes to the work of regional expansion,” said Lee County Commissioner Cecil Pendergrass. I did.

In order for spring training to regain work and income, Major League Baseball must say that they allow fans to enter the stadium. Until that happens, the Minnesota Twins organization says they haven’t started selling tickets yet.

CenturyLink Sports Complex should be ready in about 3 weeks. Catchers and pitchers will be reported on February 18th.

COVID-19 test site for CenturyLink Sports Complex to be relocated

Source link COVID-19 test site for CenturyLink Sports Complex to be relocated

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