COVID cases and deaths increasing again in Europe

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COVID infections and deaths are rising again in Europe, with Russia, Ukraine and Romania recording the highest deaths on the continent, AFP aggregates showed Tuesday.

Last week, about 1,672,000 new cases were enrolled on the continent, averaging about 239,000 per day.

According to AFP data, this was an 18% increase from the previous week and was collected from official sources in 52 countries and territories. region..

According to the data, the increase in the number of cases was a 60 percent increase from August and September, when there were about 150,000 newly enrolled cases per day.

In the region, new infections have increased in 43 countries over the past week and have declined in only 6 countries.

With the exception of the micronation, the Czech Republic, along with Hungary and Poland, saw the largest increase in new infections.

Latvia, Estonia and Georgia were the hardest hit, taking into account per capita prevalence.

The sharpest declines were seen in Kosovo, Malta and Finland.

The current number is below the region’s daily record, which averaged 284,000 cases per day between November 2nd and 8th, 2020.

However, Europe now accounts for 55 percent of all new cases in the world.

The death toll is also increasing.

According to AFP data, the average daily death toll on the continent over the past seven days was 3,120, an increase of 16% from last week.

The number of deaths in the region exceeded 3,000 for the first time since May, but the current number is still far from the daily average of 5,735 deaths from January 14th to 20th this year. is.

More than one-third of the deaths recorded in Europe are now in Russia, with an average of 1,051 deaths reported daily, followed by Ukraine (485) and Romania (420).

COVID cases increase again in Europe with delta variants

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COVID cases and deaths increasing again in Europe

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