COVID New York City Update: Public schools reopened for face-to-face learning, no remote options

New York City (WABC)-Since March 2020, today is the first time all teachers and students have returned to New York City public school classrooms.

Schoolmaster Meisha Porter begins her new semester tour at PS25 in the Mott Haven section of Bronx.

Porter defends the district’s decision to abolish remote options and forces all students back in front of teachers.

And the COVID rules have been relaxed this year as well.

Vaccinated students who test positive but have no symptoms do not need to be quarantined and are encouraged to keep a distance of 3 feet.

However, some principals say that is not possible.

Masking is required and teachers must be vaccinated at least once by September 27th.

But as of last week, at least 20% had not yet been vaccinated at all.

Students don’t even have to get a shot-and, of course, students under the age of 12 can’t get it if they want.

As a result, some parents are requesting remote options.

However, Prime Minister Porter is not protruding.

“I understand the concerns my parents have,” she said. “That’s why we moved to ensure that all employees were vaccinated, so we want to wrap a protective foam around every student, and I’m sure. I understand my parents’ concerns, but our students-and research-shows our students, who have lost a lot in the last 18 months and need to go back to school. “

The Vax to School program allows students over the age of 12 to receive their first vaccination in the first week of school and a second vaccination in October.

Despite all health and safety protocols, there is still much debate about essential vaccines and face-to-face learning. In fact, teachers and parents opposed it on Sunday.

They gathered and marched, sending a message from the City Hall to Washington Square Park.

Parents protesting on Sunday say they will not send their children or grandchildren back to school.

“I’ve lost 13 families since COVID. I refuse to send my grandchildren to a school I don’t know if it’s safe,” said grandparents Sandra Deyes.

According to the Ministry of Education, more than 700 vaccinations will be set up daily at schools in the city this week. It is not clear how many adults will actually be shot.

Meanwhile, registrations have plummeted. Today, the number has dropped from more than 1 million before the pandemic to 900,000.

But the city believes that number will increase.

For teachers, the city must also provide accommodation for staff with medical conditions and religious beliefs that prevent COVID vaccination.

The decision was communicated by the arbitrator on Friday and is considered a setback for Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Many teachers are demanding remote options and hope to delay their return to full face-to-face classes until January next year.

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COVID New York City Update: Public schools reopened for face-to-face learning, no remote options

Source link COVID New York City Update: Public schools reopened for face-to-face learning, no remote options

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