COVID NY Update: Companies planning a major reopening on May 19 in New York

New York (WABC)-Governor Andrew Cuomo said the state of New York’s “Large” scheduled for May 19th, when retailers, restaurants, bars, gyms, fitness centers, recreational facilities and beauty salons will be completely lifted. “Large-scale resumption” was announced. , Office etc.

Many say it will take some time before they can get back to normal, but companies are planning and preparing for the day.

The move is in collaboration with New Jersey and Connecticut, but there are some differences in how the states operate.

“We live in the tri-state area,” he said. “New York should not compete with New Jersey or Connecticut.”

Cuomo said the current CDC guidance, which requires a social distance of 6 feet, must be followed in facilities that do not require negative testing or vaccination proof, but parties when separated by physical barriers. Said that it does not apply to restaurants that can be approached.

The 24-hour MTA service restoration in New York City will take place at the same time as the curfew on bars and restaurants is lifted on May 17, and the curfew will be lifted on May 31.

Kuomo said the MTA has made a huge contribution to cleaning the subway system and removing the homeless.

“The train must be kept clean and we must help the homeless,” he said. “The quality of service cannot be reversed.”

But when the restrictions were lifted, people would work 24 hours a day and would need to run the subway, he said.

“Workers will have to come and go, now you will have people working until 4am again,” Cuomo said.

“Obviously, the 24/7 service is a blessing for many New Yorkers, so we’re happy to be back as part of our recovery,” said Mayor De Blasio.

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The capacity limit for indoor catering gathering will increase to 250 on May 19th and to 500 in testing. The rally limit will be increased to 50.

Large outdoor stadiums in New York will have a capacity of 33% on May 19, and all three states are working on a joint stadium protocol that will allow them to be even higher with test or vaccination warnings. I will.

Cuomo said the venue could choose to allow only vaccinated people, hoping that it could encourage people who hesitate to get vaccinated.

The governor said Broadway was allowed to reopen, but needed more time to prepare for the show.

The Broadway League has issued the following statement in response to its reopening plan.

“We commend the Governor’s recent announcement to ease capacity limits at performance venues in New York. We are encouraged by this long-awaited good news that New York is really on the way to recovery. It’s packed and spectators this fall. And we are working to safely welcome our employees to the Broadway theater. As always, we will continue to work closely with elected officials and share more information as soon as the plan is finalized. . “

Details of Tristate Announcement:

Starting May 19, most business capacities currently based on maximum occupancy will be removed in New York and New Jersey. Business is limited only by the space available to patrons or patron parties to maintain the required social distance of 6 feet. This new distance-based maximum capacity applies to the entire commercial environment, including retail, food services, gyms and fitness centres, amusement and family entertainment, hair salons, hairdressers, and other personal care services. It also applies to places of worship.

Increasing social and residential collection restrictions

Starting May 10th, the limit for outdoor social gatherings will increase from 200 to 500 in New York. Starting May 19, the indoor social gathering limit will increase from 100 to 250. Also, the outdoor meeting limit of 25 people has been removed, returning to the 500 person meeting limit with space for adequate social distance, and the indoor meeting limit of 10 to 50 people. Will increase. In New York, event rallies that exceed the limits of the social gathering can only occur if all individuals present evidence of complete vaccination status or recent negative COVID-19 test results.

event venue

A collection of commercial and sociable events in New York, including venues for sports competitions, performing arts, live entertainment and catering receptions, could exceed the limit of 500 people outdoors and 250 people indoors. There is. Four can provide evidence of complete vaccination status or recent negative COVID-19 test results to accommodate the required social distance.

From May 19th, large indoor event venues will operate at 30% capacity. This is an increase from the current 10% capacity limit. Large outdoor event venues are operated at 33%. Social distance, masks, and other applicable health protocols will continue to apply, including proof of full vaccination attendees or requirements for recent negative COVID-19 test results.

Industry resumption requirements

Most industry capacity limits will be lifted, but industry-specific requirements such as state or local health authority event notifications, health checks, contact information for tracking, enhanced air treatment and building system standards, and fingers. Is valid for a long time. Hygiene, and environmental cleaning and disinfection protocols. The state will continue to provide additional guidance on these provisions as they apply to each industry.

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COVID NY Update: Companies planning a major reopening on May 19 in New York

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