COVID NYC Update: MTA launches a living monument to honor transit workers lost in coronavirus

New York City (WABC)-Since the pandemic began, the MTA has lost 136 employees at COVID-19 and on Monday they launched a living monument to honor them.

The fascinating visual memorial honors the hero who devoted his life to moving the people of New York to cities and territories.

Built around family-shared photos, this monument was designed by MTA Arts & Design at the request of the interim president of MTA New York City Transit Authority Sarah Feinberg.

“The pandemic marked an unimaginably challenging and painful time in New York City Transit,” Feinberg said. “Today is the next step in our ongoing efforts to honor our colleagues, friends and family who have been taken away from us. These men and women were transportation system heroes-car owners, bus and train operators. , Cleaners-But they were also mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, sons and daughters. We think about them every day and continue to mourn with friends and family. “

It is titled “TRAVELS FAR” after the poem of former American poet laureate Tracy K. Smith, who has been commissioned by the project and appears in multiple languages ​​at the station.

The online version comes with the original score of the same name by composer Christopher Thompson, which was also commissioned by the monument.
According to officials, this special compliment involved many people from a variety of disciplines, including contacting families in New York City Transit, marketing, the web, and the in-house talent of digital content teams.

“COVID-19 has caused a devastating tragedy across our country and, tragically, includes the MTA’s workforce,” said Patrick J. Adams, Chairman and CEO of the MTA. “We quickly confirmed that families who lost MTA workers in COVID were financially cared for, but today’s monument launch personalizes the legacy of those who died during the pandemic. The purpose is that this is our heroic workforce that has died and we continue to keep the dead people unforgettable. “

The monument will be displayed as an 8-minute video running on 138 3-panel digital screens at 107 subway stations from Monday 25 January to Sunday 7 February.

The video will be played three times a day, 10:30 am, 2:30 pm, and 8:30 pm twice in a row and can be viewed on the website with the monument and portrait.

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COVID NYC Update: MTA launches a living monument to honor transit workers lost in coronavirus

Source link COVID NYC Update: MTA launches a living monument to honor transit workers lost in coronavirus

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