Cuban Americans Show Solidarity with Colombian Americans In Protest

Miami – Cuban-Americans held a meeting with Venezuelan-Americans and Colombian-Americans at the Bay of Pigs Museum, Miami’s 2506 Brigade on Friday.

The Cuban Democratic Authority’s Orlando Gutiérrez Boronat told the group that Cuban and Venezuelan socialists and communists are playing a role in the ongoing unrest in Colombia.

“It’s being attacked by so-called hybrid warfare, political fronts, mountain guerrilla fronts, and the guerrillas of the city they have just developed,” said Gutierrez Boronato.

In a deadly street protest in a major city in Colombia, the state’s Foreign Ministry announced the expulsion of socialist Cuban diplomats. The communist island has an ongoing relationship with Colombia’s left-wing guerrilla movement.

Cuba acted as a mediator during the 2016 trade, which led to the disarmament of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). Many of the fighters are now part of the Communist Party of Colombia. Cuba also allowed members of the National Liberation Army (ELN) to asylum.


Colombia remains a close ally of US Ernesto Ackerman, an independent Venezuelan American citizen under a conservative president, and Russian and Chinese Communists use Cuba and Venezuela to exert influence in the hemisphere. I warned that.

“It is very important to protect one of the last places where democracy exists at this time,” Ackerman said during the meeting.

In Colombia, even indigenous people traveled to cities from remote locations to join student protesters.

On Friday, the ninth day of the strike, members of the Misak tribe destroyed the statues of the Spanish conquerors Gonzalo Jimenez De Quesada in Bogotá and Sebastian Devalkazar in Cali. Both died in Colombia in the 16th century.

The ongoing protest, which some experts consider to be a continuation of the 2019 unrest, began on April 28, after Colombian President Ivan Duque announced plans for tax reform. Proposals, including staple food and fuel tax increases, have confused trade unions in the blockade of the coronavirus pandemic.


“This is a common feeling of social dissatisfaction, and we see people taking this opportunity to go out into the city and say their dissatisfaction aloud,” said Cody Weddle, a Colombian / Venezuelan correspondent at Local 10 News. Says.

Authorities reported that at least 24 deaths were associated with the protest. Police officers are investigating reports of the disappearance of protesters and police atrocities. A video showing police officers exercising power on social media includes a fatal shot of a protester who was fleeing after a police officer kicked him.

The United Nations Human Rights Agency reported on Tuesday that most of the violence took place in the Colombian city of Cali. Many of Colombia’s agreements with the United States require countries to comply with international law and not infringe on human rights.


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Cuban Americans Show Solidarity with Colombian Americans In Protest

Source link Cuban Americans Show Solidarity with Colombian Americans In Protest

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