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New York (WABC)-Cyber ​​Monday extends to Cyber ​​Weekend, experts say more than half of all consumers will shop online on long weekends.

This is the highest percentage ever. But before you start shopping on the web, 7 On Your Side has some simple strategies that can save you a lot of money.

The first tip is to go online prior to Cyber ​​Monday and follow and subscribe to your favorite stores. Discounts may be delivered directly to your inbox.

For example, simply visit JCPenny.com to get 30% off Cyber ​​Days coupons, 10% off Kate Spade when you join the rewards program, and free shipping when you subscribe to Email Blast.

Consumer expert Janice Lieberman says she will win Cyber ​​Monday, which she calls triple play, and win a grand slam of savings.

She says she goes somewhere to give you cash back like Coles. Then use a credit card that gives you some rewards or points for your trip.

And use your loyalty points. Sometimes when you make a purchase, they will give you money for something else.

At the family-owned Shoe-Inn, loyal customers in New Jersey, Westchester, Long Island and Connecticut will be rewarded with $ 100 for spending $ 1,000.

“There is a lot of blood, sweat and tears flowing to run these stores, try to secure goods, make purchases and do all that. We carefully select the choices for our customers. And we have a lot of time, energy, and love. We will buy all this product and want to share it with our customers, “says VP Peter Lawson.

You can also get rewarded by sharing and like it on social.

And here’s a great hack: If you find something you like, put it in your cart, but don’t buy it. Marketing bots may feel your hesitation and give you incentives with coupons.

Finally, don’t forget to search the internet for coupons and download the browser extension that will be applied automatically at checkout.

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Cyber ​​Monday Deals: Strategies for Shopping and Savings | 7 On Your Side

Source link Cyber ​​Monday Deals: Strategies for Shopping and Savings | 7 On Your Side

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