DaBaby and his crew fight Danily’s brother Brandonville at the bowling alley

Thursday morning began with footage of a fierce brawl between DaBaby, his crew, and Danily’s brother Brandonvilles. November 2021, Online Audience Witnessed a hot exchange Between Dani and DaBaby sharing a little daughter. More than a month after Brandon’s public threat to defend her sister, he had a physical quarrel with DaBaby and her crew.

What happened?

Early reports indicate that the battle took place in Los Angeles. Multiple circular videos show DaBaby and Brandon exchanging inaudible words in a crowded bowling alley. DaBaby throws what looks like the first punch. He trips backwards in a slippery bowling lane and the cup falls from Brandon’s hand.

When Brandon tried to regain balance, DaBaby and another man knocked Brandon to the ground. The other members of DaBaby’s aides follow immediately behind. Several men, including DaBaby, kick and punch Brandon. At one point, the man pulled Brandon with his hair and repeatedly slammed his head and body into the lane.

After a few seconds of hits, slips and slams, DaBaby and his crew leave. Brandon appears to be chasing his niece’s father and chases behind him.

Dani Leigh responds

When the image begins to spread, Dani Leigh used Instagram Condemn the actions of her daughter’s father.

“Like hell !!!! I ran up to my brother on the slippery a ** floor with a 5/6 boy while he was alone and not touching him !!!” I’m sad, “said Dani. “I hope this stops now! Bc This is my family! And I got my daughter raised. I’m sad.”

A few hours later, Dani Leigh seems to have disabled his Instagram account. Brandon joined Instagram Live with some comments that seemed to target DaBaby. In addition to the endless eruption of the n-word, he said the fight wasn’t “fair” and jumped after gliding through the lane.

“I told you like my n *** a guy, I have some guys you are on my n *** a side, one-on-one like you with me I told you to talk … “Brandon said. “It’s some b *** ha ** n *** a sh * t, there are no brownie points …”

Brandon’s previous comments

As previously reported, Brandon was ready to step out for his sister, following a name call, police involvement, livestreaming discussions, and a simple alleged assault of ticks. He made multiple intimidations online. Invite DaBaby “Come to catch this fade.” He also suggested arranging an official battle for the prize.

The Los Angeles Police Department is currently investigating the battle of Viral. TMZ Law Enforcement Sources.. Authorities reportedly are investigating DaBaby for assault with deadly weapons after Brandon was kicked on the ground.

This is a developing story.

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DaBaby and his crew fight Danily’s brother Brandonville at the bowling alley

Source link DaBaby and his crew fight Danily’s brother Brandonville at the bowling alley

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