Daniel Puig playing Nathan in CW Naomi

In the Q & A series “POPSUGAR Crush”, you’ll find more intimate details about your favorite celebrities, from the first celebrity romance to the best romance advice you’ve ever received. This month is”Naomi“Star Daniel Puig.

“”Naomi“I made a splash at the premiere CW January 11th.The series comes from the heart of Ava DuVernay And when Naomi (Kaci Walfall) sets out to uncover the truth about the swaying supernatural event, she chases her. Her hometown, Port Oswego, or..In addition to introducing us Our new favorite superheroThe show boasts a cast of talented actors, including Daniel Puig, who plays a high school jock worthy of a plunge named Nathan. Prior to “Naomi,” Puig starred in “System” in 2019 and “Eden: The Only Person Left For Us” in 2020.

“He may have these joke-like familiarity, but he is also the one who takes care of others.”

What Puig enjoys most about playing Nathan at the show is that he’s not your stereotyped jock. “He may have these joke-like familiarity, but he’s also the one who takes care of others,” Puig tells POPSUGAR. “He’s not necessarily mean. He’s very sophisticated for his age, and that’s what really attracted me.”

Puig was also fascinated by the fact that Nathan traveled as often as he did and was an athlete. “I’ve always been crazy about sports,” explains Puig. “And it’s related to the fact that he likes to enjoy in any situation. He’s traveled all over the world and I was lucky enough to do that. The military side I don’t It’s the only part. “T is really related [to].. “

There are still some episodes before the end of Season 1, but Puig is already thinking about the possibilities of Season 2. “How the Scooby Gang is [have] “It has evolved from Season 1,” said Puig, “how we all solve the mystery, perhaps on a broader side. And maybe even our couple has psychic powers.”

Check out Puig’s “POPSUGAR Crush” interview first while you wait for the show to be featured in the next season.

What if you could have a superpower?

Have the power to bend fire like an avatar. And I know it’s a chaotic force, but it’s bad.

What love advice do you have for Nathan and Naomi?

I think communication is the key. Naomi and Nathan must always be honest no matter what. And don’t take everything seriously.

What is the best trip you have ever made?

I love Germany with all my heart, but I think the best trip I have ever made was Greece. I went to the place where they shot “Mamma Mia” and I’m a big fan so I was staring at it. I’m a musical theater person. it was beautiful.

What do you do for self-care when you’re not ready?

I love going home with a boy. I do everything with everyone. I am also trying to teach them German. This is because I’m half German and my mother can only speak German to me. When I’m with them, I continue to be inspired. We watch movies, go to the gym, rock climb and hike together. I don’t know what I would do without them.

Dogs or cats?

Definitely a dog. Most of my friends have dogs, and I feel they have a lot of energy. And in the case of cats, their fur spreads throughout your clothes. So there’s nothing for cats, but I like dogs.


Who was your first celebrity unrequited love?

Emma Watson. I was a big fan of Harry Potter. I remember she was surprised to see her for the first time.

What is your biggest turn-on?

The biggest turn-on is just someone laughing. I think it’s special, powerful and beautiful just to laugh with people.

Maximum turn-off?

Where people burp loudly and very loudly is the little pet peep I have. I was raised by my parents not to do so, so every time I hear someone do so, I just do a double take.

What does your dating profile say about you?

I’m a romance sucker. I like to do romantic things, and I will spend a little more money to do it. It’s definitely the first impression you’ll have on me on a date.

What is your ideal date?

Now, there’s a spot in Brooklyn, Dumbo, right next to the Brooklyn Bridge. Brooklyn Bridge Park. It’s really nice to be there and have a picnic on a sunny day. You can have a wonderful view of the city.

What is the most romantic thing you have ever done, or what has been done for you so far?

In fact, there is a roller skating rink near the Brooklyn Bridge Park. I remember getting the hang of it right away, and my date didn’t know what she was doing, so I kept helping her and just led her. I think it was one of the most romantic things in my mind. And the most romantic thing someone has done for me is that this girl once bought me an entire pizza, an entire pie. it was beautiful.

What do most people don’t know about you?

German is usually one curve ball that people don’t really expect. But maybe I know all the curse words in German.

Daniel Puig playing Nathan in CW Naomi

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