Darren Barnet reveals whether he is Team Paxton or Ben

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Q & A series Pop sugar crash, We will get to know some of the more intimate details of our favorite celebrities — from the unrequited love of their first celebrity to the best love advice they have ever received.This month we are crushing My first time Star Darren Barnet.

If you’ve seen Netflix My first timeYou’ve probably noticed that you’re fainted by Darren Barnet, also known as Paxton. And don’t worry, you’re definitely not alone. From its luscious hair to his gorgeous smile, and don’t forget those abs, there’s a lot to admire about him. Sadly, Darren seems to be already involvedHowever, if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to date him, I highly recommend reading.

Second season of My first time It ends with Paxton and Devi exposing their relationship. What kind of relationship advice would you give to Paxton as they are officially dating?

Stop worrying about what his friends and the general public think about the relationship. I know everything about it, he has never been with a girl so low in a social totem pole, and his friends are certainly not behind it, and I I know they were experiencing their struggle and she played him, but just not care. If it makes you happy, it makes you happy.

I know I’m still waiting for an update, but if there was Season 3 My first timeWhat do you want to see next to Devi and Paxton?

I would love to see how it works when they are together as an exclusive couple. It will bring a whole new set of challenges, and I think there is much more to explore. There’s much more that Devi learns about Paxton, Paxton learns about himself, and Devi learns about himself. And who knows when it all bears fruit? You really don’t know because they may fall in love, find you better as friends, or absolutely hate each other.

Let’s solve this all at once: Are you Team Paxton or Team Ben?

I always think this question is an unavoidable trap, so I’ll go with Team Devi.

Who was your first celebrity unrequited love?

My first celebrity unrequited love is Posh Spice (Victoria beckham).

What is your signature scent and reliable Cologne?

I love Yves Saint Laurent and I love another one called CJ Black.

What is your reliable coffee / tea order?

Tea is green tea with ginger, and coffee is oat milk latte with cinnamon powder on top.

What is the best trip ever?

To be honest, I don’t travel much. It’s interesting that just before the pandemic was when I received the show, and before that I was so broken that I couldn’t do anything. It was so broken that I could go to Chipotle and get guacamole, so I didn’t travel much, so quarantine was done. But recently I went to New Orleans and absolutely loved it! A trip to Costa Rica is approaching and I hope it is in the book.

Do you have a favorite pick-up line? If so, what is it?

“Hello.” It’s all about being natural. The more you try to break the ice, the more you will go through it.

What is your biggest turn-off / turn-on?

My biggest turn-off is a girl who’s always on her phone or on social media, and anyone who does something for you in the hope that something will come back can’t really stand it. It’s a pet peep with everyone. Turn on, I love intense eye contact. It really, really fascinates me, and I love the girl who doesn’t try to shake her opinion about trying to please me. If you have an opinion, you have an opinion. If you want, fight me with it.

What does your dating profile say about you?

“Hello, please send me a message for more information.”

What is your ideal first date?

Definitely not a movie. How troublesome is it to sit next to someone for two hours when you don’t know anything? I will say something active. I love hiking and walking in nature. That’s really good. Take a walk in nature and then I would say a nice lunch on the promenade or beach to finish it. You can learn a lot about people.

What is your first date outfit?

Probably nice jeans, very pretty Chuck Taylors. I love Chuck Taylors. Just right. A nice button-down shirt with rolled up sleeves that may give you a little bit of a chest look.

Can you make the first move? If so, what is it?

Oh God, I don’t really understand. I was shy about the girls growing up, but I still think some of them may be protracted. I think it’s like “Hey!” When I look at the people who are looking at me, I see something like “I noticed that I was making eye contact. I would like to introduce myself. Hello.” If not, no, I think I’m probably a chicken and just wait for them to come to me.

What is the most romantic thing you have ever done or done for you?

Well, good Lord, there are many. [laughs] What a hell. Oh, oh, this is great, this is great. I was 7 years old and it was great. There was a girl I loved so much, a child’s love, or whatever you called it, and I picked her flowers every day. I walked to school and picked her a flower and gave it a small little flower from the grass, right? Then I continued to be very frustrated that they didn’t smell good because they were small grass flowers. So I brought her flowers and said, “Tomorrow’s flowers will smell very good, just wait.” Then, when I got home and got the flowers, I sprayed my mother’s perfume and took it to school to give her a nice scented flower. I am very proud of it.

What is the best love advice you have received?

You cannot completely love someone or understand their love for you until you learn to love yourself. I think it’s very dangerous to build relationships. I think many people will build relationships because they are anxious for love and acceptance. They think it will fill the void. The void is created by you, it can only be filled by you, and what you later express your love for, and those you love later will only enjoy its benefits anyway.

Season 2 My first time Currently on Netflix.

Darren Barnet reveals whether he is Team Paxton or Ben

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