Data center outage: The cause is changing, the report says

Power issues are less of an issue for data center operators, but network and software issues are becoming more and more important, according to a new study by the Uptime Institute.

Although the Uptime Institute’s third annual outage analysis has improved technology and availability, outages remain a major industry, customer, and regulatory concern.

The report also shows that the overall impact of outages and direct and indirect costs continue to increase. When asked about a recent major outage, more than half of the respondents reported outages over the last three years and estimated their cost to be over $ 100,000. Almost one-third of these respondents reported costs of over $ 1 million.

Trends are natural. Previously, the data center was an IT infrastructure. Next, add a cloud service provider and SaaS. If Outlook 365 is down, it’s down. If AWS is down, it’s down.

“Resilience remains close to management’s top priorities when delivering business services,” Andy Lawrence, Research Executive Director at the Uptime Institute, said in a statement. “Overall, the causes of outages are changing. Software and IT configuration issues are becoming more common, and power issues are less likely to cause major outages for IT services.”

Although Uptime had significant disruptions affecting financial transactions, government services, the Internet, and communications, the outage that became a hot topic in 2020 was often due to interruptions in applications such as Microsoft Exchange, Teams, and Zoom. Said it was about the impact on home consumers and workers. , Fitness trackers, etc.

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Data center outage: The cause is changing, the report says

Source link Data center outage: The cause is changing, the report says

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