Dave Franco recalls proposal to Alison Brie

Dave Franco Now put a lot of emotion into his proposal to his wife Alison brie.. However, due to one small caveat, it quickly changed from cute to creepy. Franco said, “Late Show with James Corden“On Thursday, he remembered the moment he asked Bree to marry him.”After party“The star explained that when the pair met during Mardi Gras in New Orleans in 2011, Bree had a silver mask that he was playfully trying to steal from her. At the end of the weekend, Bree was with a note. “What she didn’t know was that I had a mask,” he said.

Franco said Bree wanted to choose his ring, so he got a vintage “placeholder ring” to use to pop questions for about $ 10. But that’s not where things went wrong. “So we go to Big Sur. We are in the backyard and she is looking down at the sea. She looks back, I kneel, wear a mask, lift the ring, and It’s been five years and I couldn’t put on the mask and I didn’t know what it was, “the actor said. “So what she sees is that I’m wearing this weird and stupid mask and lifting this jerky stone ring. And the whole suggestion is what she says now. Is it happening? ” And I’m trying to explain how sweet it is to store the mask for five years. That was a really important idea!

Franco and Brie Married Watch the video above to learn more about Franco’s relationship with Bree.

Dave Franco recalls proposal to Alison Brie

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