David Adefeso tells fans what’s important about money

David Adefeso I just told his fans and IG followers how much money they make, it doesn’t matter how much they keep. Check out his post below.

“It’s not how important you are. It’s how much you keep! If you don’t save when you make $ 40,000, you can’t save when you make $ 400,000, because we The more money we make, the more money we spend, “he writes.

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He went on to say:’It’s just one of those facts in life, so start building good savings habits today! Click on my biography link for all episodes of #WealthDemystified, which airs every Sunday at 2:00 pm. Follow @ david.adefeso, “he said.

Someone posted this:’As always great advice 👏👏👏. Everyone needs to hear this, “said the follower:” Thank you for always dropping these jewels of wisdom. Your advice has been a heavenly blessing for me in the past year ❤️ ‘

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Posted by one commenter:’This needs advice 🙌🏾. Because banks make money with your savings, I’ve heard many men say they don’t believe in savings. While investing the surplus, I think you need a minimum amount of savings. “

Another follower said: “Do you have a personal financial plan just for the average person?”, The follower posted: Out of nowhere … “

Fans write: ‘Thank you for taking the time out of your life to help others. The Supreme One appreciates your heart and intent. Keep being blessed as you bless others 🙏🌹. “

David has lived her best life after the dissolution of Tamar Braxton, and he is now happy as another man.

David Adefeso tells fans what’s important about money

Source link David Adefeso tells fans what’s important about money

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