Dealing with the sadness of the COVID era

(HealthDay) — Do you feel that many people are experiencing it collectively now? It’s sadness.

Some may have lost their family, friends, or colleagues who died of the COVID-19 virus. Others are suffering losses that are considered a major life event, such as severance. Many have lost recreation, Social support Relationship with.

Pastor Pam Laser, a pastor in the spiritual care department of the Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, said grief could be part of all these types of loss.

“Every time we suffer a loss, we mourn,” Lazor said in a hospital news release. “Sadness tends to be more associated with death, death, mourning, or bereavement, so we often don’t think of it that way.”

Anxiety, sadness, depression, anger, and loneliness can all be signs that you are experiencing sadness, and everyone experiences it differently.

“There is nothing we can predict about sadness,” Lazor said. “There is really no way to tell someone.’This is what happens, or what to do when this happens.’Even for those who have experienced sadness in the past, each sadness is unique.”

Lazor said it was important to look for post-loss implications and recognize that loss is a universal experience. You may also see this as an invitation to deepen your faith and effectively connect with others.

“Having faith helps us understand our loss and find meaning and a sense of hope after it,” Lazor said. “Faith may not be faith.. It may be our belief in our own resilience and our connection with our community.But we see it and have faith Can have very Positive effect Continue sorrow And loss. “

Those who lost their loved ones during a pandemic may find it difficult to mourn because of the feeling of being in limbo, Razol said. It is beneficial to connect with others.

“Some of the people who performed virtual funerals and memorials were really surprised at how wonderful the experience was and felt a great connection,” says Lazor. “In some cases, this made the experience even more meaningful.”

She said it was important not to avoid or suppress your feelings.

“We live in a culture where everything needs to look like it’s in place,” says Lazor. “Sadness is the opposite, and we have to accept the process of grief. We cannot live our lives without experiencing some loss. We have the time and space to mourn ourselves. Must be given. ”

College students experience a serious grief reaction during a pandemic

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Dealing with the sadness of the COVID era

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