Defense Dust to remind the jury says he didn’t kill his friend

Los Angeles – Robert Durst’s years of sloppy combination of truth and lies will prove to be the downfall of a millionaire, prosecutors said in a new round of opening statements in his murder trial. I said in the meantime.

Deputy District Attorney John Lewin contradicts Durst on Tuesday to outline evidence that a New York real estate heir has murdered his best friend and neighbor to hide the mystery of his wife’s disappearance. I mixed the statements.

“One of the hallmarks of Bob Dust is that despite all the lies he said, his life was privileged to escape what he wanted, so he remembers them. It’s about not robbing or using mental energy, “Lewin said. “Evidence shows that in all three cases he will be undone in many ways.”

Dust, 78, pleaded not guilty to one murder in 2000 when he killed his best friend Susan Berman at his home in Los Angeles.


Dust’s lawyers may provide their own interpretations of many of our clients’ statements when announcing the opening ceremony on Wednesday. They used to say that he didn’t kill Berman, he didn’t know who killed him.

Berman was his longtime best friend and was once an informal spokesman when Cathy Durst disappeared in New York in 1982.

Lewin said that the killing of Berman, who was shot in the back of his head at close range, and Durst’s approval to kill and dismantle a drifter in Texas in 2001, both relate to Kathy Durst’s mystery. Stated.

“Everything starts with the disappearance and death of Kathy Dust by Mr. Dust,” Lewin said.

Dust, who suffers from countless illnesses, fell into a wheelchair and wore a blue sports coat, a white dress shirt, and tan trousers. His gray hair was messed up and he appeared to show no emotion behind the white mask when he followed the steps on a tablet computer that provided a real-time transcript for hearing loss.


Lewin omits opening statement to update what the jury last heard over the six days of March 2020, before the case was withdrawn for an unprecedented 14 months due to a coronavirus pandemic. Did.

Last year, the defense surprised the audience when they said they would put Durst on a witness stand.

Dust was acquitted of murder in a Texas court after testifying that the man had killed Morris Black when he pointed his gun at him, and they wrestled for weapons in the Galveston dormitory where both lived. did.

Dust was hiding in Texas after a New York prosecutor resumed investigating Kathy Dust’s alleged death. Lewin said he killed Black as he discovered Durst’s identity and was trying to use his wealthy descendants to buy a house for them.

Dust killed Black about nine months after Berman was found dead at his home in Benedict Canyon in December 2000. Police were taken home with a note containing only the word “CADAVER” written in her address and block letters.


Durst told the creators of “Jinx: Robert Durst’s Life and Death” in 2010 and 2012 that he did not write notes. He told filmmakers and investigators in 2015 that anyone who wrote the note had to be Berman’s murderer.

“You’re writing to the police a note that only the murderer could have written,” Dust said.

Lewin said it is now a confession after the defense lawyer admitted it before the trial in which Durst wrote the memo. Evidence shows that he once wrote a note to Berman with the same handwriting, and her address was also misspelled by “Beverly” Hills instead of Beverly.

Defenders claim that Durst found Berman’s body and panicked and ran. Her body was found before the police received the note, but he sent the note to the police to find her.

Dust killed Berman and stopped telling police how she helped conceal his wife’s disappearance, Lewin said.

Lewin played a clip of testimony from Nick Chavin, a close friend of the defendant and the victim. He said Berman once told him that Durst had killed Kathy. After having dinner in New York in 2014, Durst told Chavin that he had killed Berman.


“I had to do,” Durst said on the sidewalk outside the restaurant before parting, Chavin said. “It was her or me, I had no choice.”

According to Lewin, the daughter of a Las Vegas gangster who never turned her back on a stranger, Berman knew that when she took her home just before Christmas, she came to kill her. It wasn’t.

“She trusted him, so he looked back because he was her best friend and he wasn’t afraid,” Lewin said. “She looked back, took a few steps, and he basically blew her brain away.”

Lewin showed Berman lying on his back, with crow’s hair spreading on the floor and black blood under his head.

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Defense Dust to remind the jury says he didn’t kill his friend

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