Deion Sanders shares a message about respect on Instagram

Don’t play with Coach Prime, he’s not one of them! NFL Football Legend, Hall of Fame, and Now Jackson State University Football head coach Deion Sanders has been trending online after breaking out of a virtual interview yesterday at a media day press conference at HBCU’s Southwestern Athletic Conference (SWAC). SWAC is a university athletic conference headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama. The conference consists of HBCUs in the Southern United States. There are more than five HBCUs that make up SWAC, including Alcorn State University, Mississippi Valley State University, and the University of Arkansas at Pinebluff.

In the clip, he corrected that he called an unidentified reporter in the Clarion ledger by his name. Dion said, “Don’t call Nick Saban (University of Alabama football coach)’Nick’. Don’t call me Dion.” The reporter ignored Dion’s request and asked the coach again Dion. But Dion said “Aht Aht” and went out.

In a recent Instagram post, Deion tackled contempt in a series of posts. Prime Coach shared a montage of interviews with him walking around playing DJ Ankh’s song “Walk It Out” in the background. He writes: This was cheerful and very minimal to me, so I really pray for all of us. Allowing stupid media and people to play with your preconceptions. He said he had left the turmoil while he continued. “I left stupidity because I learned the gift of getting away from the turmoil,” wrote Prime Coach.

He finished the note by telling men and women to stop making people look down on them. Tokyo Vanity stepped into the shade room and praised Dion for leaving. She commented: “Like they called Obama instead of President Obama! Some whites refuse to respect what we’ve worked for.”

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Deion Sanders shares a message about respect on Instagram

Source link Deion Sanders shares a message about respect on Instagram

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