Democrats seize the power to grow to run for state-wide offices Raphael Warnock Georgia Florida Democrat Republican

For over a decade Georgia Democratic Party I had a hard time attracting talented and well-known candidates to run for public office throughout the state.so Republican No one wanted to take the risk because he had good control over all constitutional positions and the state legislature.

This year is different.

Seven incumbent Democrats are one of eight state offices in Georgia, boosted by significant election wins in the 2020 elections, nearly a victory in the 2018 governorship, and rapidly changing state demographics. I have finally declared my candidacy. It’s been nine months away from the 2022 qualifying round. Deadline.

Among them are Democratic Senator Bee Nguyen, a candidate for Secretary of State, who is trying to use her party’s anger at Georgia’s new restrictive voting law to raise national funding. Includes State Senator Jen Jordan to raise money. Candidate for Attorney General.

“I definitely think it will be a strong field,” Nguyen said. “I think we know we can win in Georgia. We saw it last year. We saw it in 2021.”

Republicans, who still hold all of Georgia’s constitutional state-wide positions, have little intention of making concessions. Most incumbents are preparing for re-election, and leading Republican state lawmakers are also planning state-wide election campaigns.

Georgia is one of the six southern states where only the Republicans hold public office throughout the state. In some countries, Republicans dominate. In Louisiana, only Democratic Governor John Bel Edwards has broken control of the Republican Party, but in Florida, agricultural commissioner Nikki Fried is the only Democrat in public office throughout the state. ..

Still, looking at the 2022 elections, most Republicans in Georgia expect a relatively simple victory that marks the peak of Republican rule in the 2010s.

That’s because Georgia has evolved into one of the most competitive states in the South, as evidenced by recent elections. In November, President Joe Biden became the first Democrat to win 16 state electoral votes since Bill Clinton in 1992. Democrats Rafael Warnock and John Ossov subsequently won the US Senate seat in a multi-million dollar January final vote. Democratic Party.

Candidates are also Stacey Abrams A retry of the Governor’s Office was expected in 2022. In 2018, Abrams’ slight defeat to then-Secretary of State Brian Kemp strengthened the party of the year, as well as profits at the General Assembly. did.

Before Biden’s victory, the last Democrats to win across the state were the four incumbents who remained in the House of Representatives in 2006, despite Republican Sonny Perdue being reelected as governor. .. These victories came from voters splitting tickets at a rate that is unusual in Georgia today. Democratic Thurbert Baker won his third term as Attorney General with 57% of the votes, while Purdu won 58%.

However, there were no state-wide Democrats left after the 2010 elections, and party candidates became less competitive in the next two cycles.

Candidates, who may have been the party’s most powerful challengers to Republican incumbents at the time, said, “No, that’s not the case now. I’m not going to give up on certainty in the long run,” said Georgia University politics. Scholar Charles Brock said.

Some of the attempts did not work. In 2014, it was Christopher James Irvin who was nominated for the Democratic Agricultural Commission. He was widely known as the grandson of the Democratic Party for 42 years, but he raised only $ 52,000 compared to Republican winner Gary Black’s $ 1.65 million. did.

Abrams hasn’t announced plans for 2022 yet, but other Democrats are hoping she will run again. Candidates say she and Warnock could be at the top of the party’s tickets. I’m excited.

“We are all sitting here and waiting,” said State Congressman William Body. Atlanta A suburb of East Point running for the Labor Relations Commission. “She brings a lot of energy, a lot of policy initiatives, and a lot of impetus to impose Democratic values ​​on every ticket.”

Abrams is likely to raise a lot of money, and some may find a way to other Democrats. For example, Mr. Nguyen could benefit from opposition to Georgia’s new restrictive election law in the Secretary of State election.

Democrats are facing challenges. Similar to 2010, when the Democratic Party was wiped out of the entire state, 2022 will fall into an interim year when parties that do not control the White House tend to win seats. National interests could push down the state’s ticket to the Democratic Party.

“It’s not always easy to hire constitutional candidates in this cycle,” said Ross Rocket, co-founder of Run for Something, a political action committee that recruits and trains Democrats to run for public office. Not. ” May it be a good year for the Democratic Party. “

However, there are other factors that may help Democratic state legislators run for higher positions. Some Democrats may choose unfriendly districts as Congress redraws district boundaries for the 2022 elections this fall. In addition, the party as a whole is likely to remain a minority in both houses.

There is also a salary issue. All state-wide employees earn over $ 120,000 a year, but state legislators earn much less.

“There are basically two full-time jobs, one of which pays $ 17,000 a year,” Brock said of Congressman’s income.

Elected state-wide gives politicians the opportunity to set their agenda instead of gathering 236 voices at Georgia’s vast General Assembly. Jordan said it was part of the appeal of running for Attorney General to face Democratic candidate Charlie Bailey in 2018. The winner is likely to face Republican incumbent Chris Carr.

Democrats need to ensure that supporters don’t vote only in the top office when they go to vote. What happened in January. Even when Warnock and Ossov win, they’re companions. Democrats lost in the final vote for a post to the Georgia Public Service Commission.

“Stacy can’t do it alone, so voters have to withdraw their tickets,” Rocket said.


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Democrats seize the power to grow to run for state-wide offices Raphael Warnock Georgia Florida Democrat Republican

Source link Democrats seize the power to grow to run for state-wide offices Raphael Warnock Georgia Florida Democrat Republican

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